Singapore – March 5th 2014 – Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, inc (TADL) launched its Evolution Series TAD-D1000 disc player and TAD-DA1000 D/A converter as well as a new model to its luxury speaker line up, marking the highly anticipated completion of TAD’s Evolution series systems.Both TAD-D1000 Disc Player and TAD-DA1000 D/A Converter support the latest digital audio technologies and faithfully reproduce sound sources to the absolute limits. According to Mr Han, speaker of the TAD showcase, the range of 384 kHz (closest to the master tape of an audio record at a studio) which available online - originating mostly from music stores based in Europe like HDtracks, Channel Classics and 2L could be played with extreme accuracy. In comparison to master files, typical records like CDs are usually eight times lower than the original – about 44 kHz. Regardless, the sounds produced resonated quality assurance.  Check them out here!Signals of this highly evolved DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) could be further stepped up using a Preamplifier. Along with the inclusion of a Pioneer pickup boasting high reliability and reading precision, the use of a brushless spindle motor results in quiet operation and long life. For those who wish to enjoy music from their high-resolution sound sources saved to PC, this set offers a new way to enjoy high-end audio. What is a sound file without a great loudspeaker par excellence. Developed and designed entirely in-house by Director of Engineering Andrew Jones, the TAD-E1 mechanically and acoustically isolates the filter to ensure maximum resolution. As the first-ever loudspeaker in this category, the TAD-E1 is the next step in TAD’s high-performance “function meets form” Evolution series, consisting of the C2000 Preamplifier and the M2500 and M4300 Power Amplifiers. I personally experienced various musical genres at their best, most real as if I was teleported to an orchestra or a rock gig party. Music had never been so alive.The TAD-D1000 disc player, TAD-DA1000 D/A converter and TAD-E1 speaker will be available in Singapore starting in February 2014 at Reference Audio (The Adelphi, Level 4) at a suggested retail price of SGD $25,000; $19,000 and $42,000 (pair) respectively.