BeautyBiotics Intelligent Skincare Day

My experience organizing the BeautyBiotics Event

As part of my internship experience with Publicist PR, I was tasked to assist in the management of a press launch for BeautyBiotics. I learnt the finer points of event décor, curation of F&B as well as venue selection to create a tasteful memorable event for the press.

Event Venue


The theme of the event was BeautyBiotic’s Intelligent Skincare day, and we had chosen to have a color theme of white and beige, to reflect the dermatological image of BeautyBiotics products. So we wanted to source for a venue that would be refreshing and elegant, somewhere that would have a lot of beautiful sunlight since the event was to be held in the morning.

The event venue also needed to be spacious to accommodate our celebrity makeup artist Clarence Lee’s demonstration, as well as for a video crew to be roaming around.

After spending quite a lot of time looking at restaurants, hotels and café’s, we decided to hold the event at Ion Sky. Ion Sky turned out to be the perfect venue for the event since it had the color scheme, elegance and space that we were looking for.

Decoration and Furniture


However, one of the challenges I faced was having to fill up the space with furniture and event decoration that would best fit the theme, and which would still be within budget. After calling up various vendors, I was happy to have been able to find a suitable vendor for loaning furniture, the sound system, the decoration and the catering.

Through working with these vendors I was able to learn about the importance of negotiation. To know how to make quick optimal decisions when options where given, and to push for a win-win outcome.

Client Servicing

Throughout the event organization, one of the most essential skills I picked up was that of client servicing. Clear communication between the agency and the client on all levels and on all decisions made, was crucial for the event to be successful, because the event was going to represent them after all. After some initial coordination issues, the agency and our client with BeautyBiotics was fortunately able to design a method of updates and communication that was most efficient for all of us.