Behind the Scenes with Fashion Influencers

The media landscape used to be simple for fashion PR. We focused largely on fashion editors, stylists, celebrities and wardrobe sponsorship. These days, fashion PR process has evolved as fashion brands started showing their collections in-season, launching digital and prints ads instantly and allowing consumers to buy runway items in real-time. Street style, fashion zeitgeist and taste making are simultaneously shared and formed. Social objects such as hashtags gather micro-communities. So if you are launching a social media advertisement, think about what relevant hashtags you can use. 

Just last week, some of our PR gladiators were part of helping one of our client’s blogger engagements with Lian Mei Ting, Yina Goh, Zoe Raymond and Jessica Tham. Well, let’s allow the pictures below speak a few words.

(Lian Mei Ting)

(Yina Goh)

(Zoe Raymond)

(Jessica Tham)

So how is blogger engagement done? Here are 3 Tips to help you manage and ensure effective blogger engagement!

1.Communication is Key


When a relationship is built, there would be more possibilities for future collaborations. Engaging a blogger for collaboration is not about contacting them only when you need their service.

Be friendly and enagage in small talk, asking them how was their day, etc. This would allow both parties to be comfortable with each other, making the collaboration more enjoyable.

Here is Yina posing for a casual photo. Collaborations can be serious but fun at the same time!

By building a stable and open relationship between the blogger and yourself, it would make it easier for you to contact the blogger for meet ups or work-related matters in order to publish the best coverage possible.

2. Be Interested 


It is important to take interest in what the bloggers are attracted to. You would not want a fashion blogger to be doing food collaborations when your goals is to advertise a fashion product. Just like how Mei Ting, Yina, Zoe and Jessica have high passion for fashion, fashion collaborations would be of high interest to them. We would be assured that desirable fashion advertisements would be produced for the client we are representing for.

3.Ask politely to take more pictures

Remember, bloggers are there to help gain more coverage for your clients. They are the ones that are able to get more viewership from their fans and followers. Feel free to ask the bloggers to pose for more photos to help you get the best shot.

All in all, it is relatively easy to execute blogger engagements. Just keep the 3 tips in mind and you would be good to go!