Candylicious moments at Sophisca’s Blogger Party

It was a day of sweetness on 1 Aug 2015, where bloggers of different walks of life gathered at Sophisca’s candy store at their ION Orchard branch.

We would also like to thank all our attendees for making their way to the party and we hope that you had a candilicious time!

From cupcakes, to chocolates, to candies packaged in customised wrapping, the ladies in attendance were spoilt for choice! For those who wanted to capture the candylicious and keep it for sweet memory, there was also a photo booth set up with ingenious props, for the party-goers to have fun.

When the party officially started, you could see the look of curiosity and envy of the passersby outside the shop as they looked in and wondered what fun we were having, and why.

You must be wondering why, too, from reading these words. We’ll stop rambling here, and let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!