Event PR Tips

1.Strategic Fit for Each Event                                                                                                                                     

Events have to be consistent with the brand of the company. Not only must the event align with the company’s values and business priorities, but they must also match well with the business goals, objectives and desired outcomes of the client. All this is essential in order to carry out a successful event.


2.Pre-Plan and Promote the Event

The main aspects and important speakers of the event should be promoted far in advance to contacts and desired guest list through emails and social media. It is important to pitch to the media ahead of time and increase presence through the visual displays. It is also recommended to have trained PR team members onsite to conduct interviews and do follow-up with media and key stakeholders.


3.Make Events Interactive and Memorable

Instead of standard and boring procedures, introduce something exciting such as a surprise guest speaker, a flash mob gathering, interactive games and activities. Such unique elements are key in making a enjoyable and unforgettable event.


4.Share the Event Results

After the event, it is good to extend fun and interactive surveys to participants. You may send a recap to all involved business partners which include survey findings, other metrics, and significant successes of the event.