An Interview with Nathan Hartono

Local home-grown Jazz Singer Nathan Hartono plays Melchior  in the upcoming Spring Awakening Musical. He shared with us what it is like starring opposite Julia Abueva, his lifestyle and.... grooming tips?!


Hi Nathan, will Spring Awakening be your musical debut?

Yes it will! My theatrical debut in general. I've done theatre in the confines of school, but that was it really.


How excited are you about working with and performing with Adrian Pang, Julia Abueva and the rest of the cast?

Very much. Everyone has been a thrill to work with, I know you probably hear this a lot. But genuinely, I wasn't expecting to be welcomed with such open arms into the world of theatre. Everyones been so nice to me, and so patient with my learning process. I've grown to love everyone so much because of that, cast, crew and production alike.


Who are you closest to among the cast?

There are a bunch of us that share a carpool to and from rehearsals everyday, so its always fun to shoot the shit with them.


Understanding your busy work schedule, how do you manage to keep your skin looking so good and fresh?

Lots and lots of water. I generally don't use skincare products, except when i get pimples. Because I'm lazy like that, also, I haven't found anything that works. Strangely enough, this is probably a coincidence, but the only time I ever get pimples are the times I decide to use facial wash every now and then.


What's your favourite skin-care brand?

None. Possibly Palmer's? wink wink.


Apart from Jazz, what kind of music are you into right now?

I've always been into all sorts of music. Jazz is just one of my favourites because its so liberating. I generally like softer music, like jazz or folk. But if I'm in the mood for it, nothing beats good Rap (like Atmosphere, Childish Gambino, Kanye) or Rock music (Foo Fighters, KISS, Queen)


What fragrance are you using right now?

I don't use fragrance. I can't smell it on myself so why bother.


Describe an ideal Sunday.

Church in the morning. Lunch in the afternoon with family. Late afternoon with friends. Evening with my dog and a good movie...I know, sounds amazing doesn't it?


What's next after Spring Awakening?

I'm going to record a new CD! The "Hows, Whens and Whats" are still very sketchy. But I'm determined to make it happen by June. Meanwhile, I'll just be performing more, trying out new material. I don't know if this acting thing is gonna stick. They say the theatre bug would get to me once this is over. Lets see how that goes....


Produced locally by Pangdenomium (started by local celebrity Adrian Pang and his wife Tracy), Spring Awakening runs from 3rd-26th February at the Drama Theater Centre. Tickets are $50-$85. Get yours from Sistic now!