A little appreciation goes a long way. Acknowledge the invisible work force.

We’re all guilty of being preoccupied with our own concerns - what to have for lunch, where to go on holiday, our kids and so on. So much so that we take for granted that our surroundings are clean, green and safe.

Green, Clean and Safe Singapore

We often forget the discreet army of cleaners, landscape workers and security officers who make all this a reality, and who earn low wages.

They deserve our thanks for their ceaseless labour which makes our lives pleasant, and keeps our city liveable.

Being gracious by saying thank-you with a smile costs nothing, but it can make the day of the ones who clear tables and sweep the streets.

So, the next time you’re in a food court, stop chatting with your companion or fiddling with your phone. Make eye contact with the person cleaning your table, and say thank-you. Greet the security personnel at your work place or shopping mall with a “Good Morning”. Humanise your interaction with the many workers you will encounter in the course of your day.

Remember that a smile removes the cloak of invisibility that they wear. A friendly gesture acknowledges the importance of their roles in the smooth running of our city state.

Make a difference. Be a part of the ‘Appreciating U’ movement launched by U Care Centre (UCC). UCC is an organisation set up by the National Trade Union Council (NTUC) to support low-wage workers.

With the ‘Appreciating U’ movement set in motion in April this year, UCC hopes to garner the support of Singaporeans to come together and show our appreciation to the low wage workers of Singapore.

Share with us how you show appreciation to the low-wage workers with a photo! Upload it on Facebook or Instagram and include the #thumbsuptribute. Don't forget to mention UCC!

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