Making the Green Switch - How To Become a Sustainable Business

It’s 2016, and let’s be honest: clients now have a growing interest in working with more eco-friendly companies. Gone are the days where anything green was associated with “hippies” and “hillbillies”, eco marketing has taken over. So it’s really up to you to enjoy the walk down the yellow brick road to Emerald City.


Here’s a list of ways to go green that’s so simple; all your rival companies would go green with envy:


  • Employees: You can’t be the only one believing in eco marketing. Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand and if they don’t buy any of your marketing ideas 100% then honey what’s the point? They must be onboard for any of this to work. Show them examples of other companies and campaigns and push them to think of ways to improve it. Get their engines rolling and slowly they’ll embrace the new move.


  • Credentials: Display your company’s brand with pride while showing off how sustainable you’ve become, literally. Create green version of your logos to use specially for the eco marketing campaigns you’re pitching or working on. These can be applied to websites, packaging, business cards and all that jazz. Consumers and potential clients will know you’re a eco friendly business with just one look.


  • Networking: A follow up from credentials, the choice of materials used to create business cards, pens, notepads etc, can directly impact a potential client’s view of your brand. Using recycled materials is one of the most effective tools to show others what you stand for. Who said recycling wasn’t sexy & attractive?


  • Go Local: Using local resources as much as possible wouldn’t just reduce your costs and carbon footprint, it would attract local publicity and support fast. Tell me, who wouldn’t want that? Invest in your community and slowly the rest of the world will catch up.


There you go! Think about these things when working on your next eco marketing campaign, or when pitching to an eco friendly client, maybe even throw on some green lipstick while you’re at it! Just kidding (or not).