Is Old Truly Gold?

As campaigns for global warming, deforestation and pollution rise in the recent years, so do the new age of fashion designers. Many start-up brands have shifted their focus to being eco-friendly and sustainable. That brand new leather scent isn’t the sexiest thing on the market anymore; it’s a vintage denim jacket with handsewn patches. These designers and companies have their own reasons for switching to being more green, but what ties them together is the concept that what’s old can look and feel brand spanking new again. Here are some brands committed to upcycling:


Photo: Norrfolks

Elise Lindkvist grew up with kilim rugs, which are traditional rugs handwoven by Turkish nomads. Today, she turns them into fashionable pieces such as espadrilles and bucket bags. With a background in the accessory industry, she wanted to merge culture and craftsmanship with modernity. A pair of shoes can take up to two days to make for Norrfolks.


Photo: Re/Done

When the brand first launched all they had were 120 pairs of revamped vintage Levi’s jeans. Nonetheless, it sold out within half an hour. But this idea didn’t start out intentionally as an eco-friendly one. According to co-founder Sean Barron, it all “came together magically by accident.” Jeans are washed, measured, deconstructed and then sewn back together. A bigger variety of denim pieces will be launching by fall so stay tuned all you  double denim fans.



Photo: Wolf and Lamb

Leather in today’s day and age just doesn’t feel as good as it used to. Well, that’s what Alison Reynolds seems to think, and many agree with her. As a kid she saw her parents’ collection of leather jackets grow by the dozens, causing her to gravitate towards outerwear-centric styles today. She travels all over the States to collect old, unwanted leather jackets to give it a new lease of life.

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