Getting to Know Our PR Girl - Carolyn Liao

1. Why did you decide to take up the challenge of joining a boutique PR agency?

I love the challenge of working in a boutique firm as it provides me with an opportunity to meet people – from media to client and vendors. Just as we are always evolving and growing, so are the people we meet and these connections prove to be invaluable over the years and develop our “it’s who you know” network. And the virtual connections are endless. It brings a whole new meaning to “it’s a small world after all.”

2. What do you hope to learn?

I hope to be able to create memorable campaigns and help customer’s objectives to be seen and heard, share their talents, products and/or services. We, PR specialists impact the news cycle through our creativity and media knowledge. The challenge is to generate positive publicity for our clients and enhance their reputations.

3. What is your favourite media / social media outlet?

Facebook, social media, fashion blogs and New York Times, Vogue, Business of Fashion, Telegraph,

4. How do you choose pitch angles for a story?

"Is it new?", " Is it unusual?", " Is there a human interest angle?".

5. What are you in charge of?

I plan, organise and coordinate media drops, media loans, press conference and events and most importantly meeting creative people!


“Art of Faith” - Andrea Cingoli, Red Dot: Design Concept 2016 Winner

Last Friday, 23rd September, our boutique PR agency had organized Andrea Cingoli's press presentation alongside the Italian Association of Singapore (IAS). This year the Red Dot: Design Concept 2016 Award has been awarded to Andrea Cingoli, designer and founder of CONCEPTICON.

Editors from Cromly, Home & Décor, DCRS and TechTrade Asia were invited for the press presentation. Not forgetting directors and designers from Designscale, Design Tray Interior, Inspiration Design International School, IM Space, Next Phase Gallery, Sevenvine, Benel, Dreamweave Concepts, Sunyu Products & Services and more.

“Singapore does not appreciate artistic talents”, you may have heard this statement a thousand times or it could have been said by yours truly. I beg to differ, however, as Singapore does have a platform where designers from all over the world are able to showcase their designs. It is through the Red Dot Award.

Andrea presented and shared a few of his pieces including his winning designs: QWERTY Sofa and BALAMP.



The presentation lasted for approximately 30 minutes; we then proceeded to the press presentation with a general Q&A session.

Of course, a general Q&A session will never be enough to get into the creative and innovative mind of Andrea and thus 4 editors were invited to conduct a one-on-one interview with Andrea.

The entire interview lasted for almost an hour, but before Andrea left we managed to steal him away for some photos!

A very humourous and humble man indeed, we wish him nothing but the best for his career and may Andrea be blessed with abundance of happiness and recognition for all the hard work that he had put in into his pieces, bringing him to where he is today.

Getting to Know Our PR Team - Ilyasaa Syahmi

1. Congratulations on the new role! Can you tell us more about your background in communications and your role at Publicist PR?

I have cut my teeth in events marketing, sponsorship and sales. My key assets are creativity and resourcefulness as well as my desire to contribute to the team.

2. What kinds of client segment do you cover and most keen on?

I am focusing on tech, food, music, travel and hospitality.

3. What do you love best about PR & Events business?

I like to meet people from all walks of life and experiencing different cultures.  Other than travelling, the one easy way to do so is to go to events. 

4. Who would be on your dream client list?

Samsung, P&G, Charles & Keith and Razer. They are just the top few out of the long list I have as my dream client.

5. What makes a good phone pitch / pitch strategy? What is your way to reach busy media?

What makes a good pitch is something that captures the audience's attention and interest, especially so during the first 30 seconds of your conversation. In any case that that fails you, you need to have some prepared responses to any objections you have predicted beforehand and be quick-witted about it when you get a query you never expected. My own way to reach busy media when all conservative methods fail? I would try calling in during the lunch hour as most busy people tend to have their lunch in the office.

6. What do you believe are some upcoming trends and challenges to keep an eye on?

Looking at the tech world and how fast it evolves is always fascinating me.

7. Where do you get your news from?

I get my news from various sources online. Most of the time that would be from CNA, AJ, RT, Marketing Interactive, IGN, Tech in Asia and anything else found on my social media news feed.

8. What is your bucket list?

I would love to tour the globe with any of my favourite bands or go on a road-trip exploring the whole of Southeast Asia.

9. What is on your playlist?

EDM, pop, and rock music.

10. What is your favourite magazine / news media?

Juice, SG, TimeOut 

11. What do you love about PR?

I like creating great memorable events and pitching in new story angles and handling clients.

12. Which is your favourite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?

In my own opinion, that would be Star Wars at Changi Airport as that was the one and only campaign in 2016 I can best remember. If a campaign that is still vividly clear in your mind is not the best campaign, then what is?

13. What is your service motto? 

Think creative. Be different.

14. Who do you follow on Instagram?

A few of my favourite bands, National Geographic, Discovery and of course the people I love.

15. What is your favourite marketing strategy?

Guerilla marketing.


Getting to know our PR girls - Lorraine

1. What is on your playlist?
MS MR - All The Things Lost, Highspeeds - Elliot Moss, The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues

2. What is your favourite magazine / news media?
Alternative Press, The Rolling Stones, JUICE

3. What do you love about PR?
It keeps you wired to trends and information

4. Who do you follow on Instagram?
Musicians, artists & tattoo artists

5. What is on your bucket's list?
To visit the Atacama Desert in Chile & experience the Aurora Australis

Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Petrina

1. What is on your playlist? 

Alone - Petit Biscuit

2. What is your favourite magazine / news media?

Vogue, Travel & Leisure, Consumer Reports, World News (

3. What do you love about PR?

It allows me to tap on my creativity and an opportunity to think out of the box. Highly rewarding to be able to mould, shape and influence the direction of story telling on behalf of the client in order to make the most impact out of their brand.

4. Which is your favourite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?

Under Armour - 'I Will What I Want’. It is empowering and speaks to women who do not wait for permission, advise or affirmation from others to pursue what the want. 

5. What is your dream client list?

Under Armour, Heineken, Coca Cola, 

6. What is your service motto?

Aim not just for good but legendary. 

7. Who do you follow on Instagram?

Mainly travel and culinary bloggers and internationally renowned chefs.

8. What is your way to reach busy media / pitch strategy?

Research, know your target well and think through the idea through the reporter’s eyes. Keep it short, succinct and punchy.

9. What is on your bucket's list?

Live the life of a traveling nomad. 

10. What is your favourite marketing strategy? 

Coca Cola “Happiness Truck”. Selling an emotion that won’t get lost in translation. 


Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Azieana

1. Why did you decide to take up the challenge of joining a boutique PR agency?

I know I will learn and obtain many different skills such as pitching, research, communication, time-management and more. I am also keen on having a different experience as I previously worked in industries such as Customer Service, Administration and Tourism.

2. What do you hope to learn?

How to approach companies and influencers professionally to ensure that my pitch stands out among other PR agencies.

3. What is your favourite media/social media outlet?

YouTube & Instagram.

4. How do you choose pitch angles for a story?

By doing lots of research. This is to ensure that my story is current, real and trending. I want to make it as interesting and exciting as possible to attract readers.

5. What are you in charge of?

Media clippings, monitoring, social media posts and media listings.


Citizen A/W Collection Launch


The Citizen A/W Collection launch took place on 27 July 2016 at Marina Bay Sands. Media and important guests were invited to this exclusive event, where they had the opportunity to view a presentation of the manufacturing process of the Citizen Eco Drive Watch, presented by by Mr Kyosuke Hiramatsu , General Manager of CITIZEN Watches (H.K) Limited Singapore. The event was also graced by Mr Naoto Hosogaya, Managing Director of Citizen (H.K) Limited, who flew in specially from Japan, and guests had the opportunity to interact with him to find out more about Citizen’s watches. Guests were also able to try on CItizen watches in-store, as well as view a live demonstration on how to wear the newest designs by Mr Kyosuke Hiramatsu and Miss Singapore Universe 2015, Miss Lisa White. Guests were also entitled to a media goodie bag each, as well as champagne and light refreshments. 

Travel and Tourism PR Tips

1.Include photos

Photographs give the reader a visualization of how a story would be like, and informs others that you have access to photos. This is important because photos provide a visual back up of the story you are telling, and keep the readers engaged, as compared to a wall of text. It is best to put photos at the top of the press release so that reporters and editors can easily spot them.


2.Share authentic stories of real characters

Everyone has their own unique and captivating story to tell. The audience will definitely be able to tell a true story from a fake one, and this would not leave a long-lasting impression on the viewers. An authentic story will warm the viewers’ hearts, making them even more compelled to share and spread the word.


3.Share genuine stories in real time

Great stories are impactful, and even more so when they are told as they unfold. As time passes by, people will forget how they felt at that point in time, and the magic of the moment will not be captured in its entirety. Recording the moments as they happen will leave a deeper impact on the readers.


4.Show media relevant in a specific location

Readers are more likely to be interested in events that have happened, or will happen near them. When you showcase your content that is about a specific area, you may have a smaller market than if you made a broader and more general pitch, but the targeted audience will definitely be more interested in what you have to say.


5.Write informed, concise, engaging pitches

Kim Jamieson, PR Manager at Discover South Carolina, advices that the best pitches are short, well-researched and fun to read. It is important to research and have knowledge about who you are pitching to, have simple and concise points, and to keep the pitch as engaging as possible. 

Event PR Tips

1.Strategic Fit for Each Event                                                                                                                                     

Events have to be consistent with the brand of the company. Not only must the event align with the company’s values and business priorities, but they must also match well with the business goals, objectives and desired outcomes of the client. All this is essential in order to carry out a successful event.


2.Pre-Plan and Promote the Event

The main aspects and important speakers of the event should be promoted far in advance to contacts and desired guest list through emails and social media. It is important to pitch to the media ahead of time and increase presence through the visual displays. It is also recommended to have trained PR team members onsite to conduct interviews and do follow-up with media and key stakeholders.


3.Make Events Interactive and Memorable

Instead of standard and boring procedures, introduce something exciting such as a surprise guest speaker, a flash mob gathering, interactive games and activities. Such unique elements are key in making a enjoyable and unforgettable event.


4.Share the Event Results

After the event, it is good to extend fun and interactive surveys to participants. You may send a recap to all involved business partners which include survey findings, other metrics, and significant successes of the event.

Beauty PR Tips

Break into the industry gradually

The beauty industry is small, and it is important to have as much experience as possible in order to find your niche market. It is essential to take new risks and try out all kinds of experiences so that you can be exposed to a wide range, and gradually be familiarized with the industry.


Be prepared to encounter unique challenges

Since the beauty industry is small, there is not much room for “new” products which consumers are not already familiar with. The challenge is to present ordinary products in an extraordinary and exciting way which will grab the attention of the public.


Keep up to date with current trends

It is also good to be familiar with your consumers’ interests and any current trends in the market which may bring about good opportunities. Keep an eye out for trends on social media and celebrities, and innovate your products to suit the consumers’ taste.