Fashion PR Tips

“Fashion PR isn’t just about pretty pictures,” – Aliza Licht
It is necessary to justify everything you do for your clients, such as quantitative analysis and measurement. Balancing the budget and other administrative tasks are key as well.


“Risks are amazing, but you have to be strategic,” – Aliza Licht
It is always enjoyable to take risks with new client projects, but ensure that is necessary because there are consequences for all actions. You must also be prepared to accept all responsibilities in the event that something should go not as planned.


“I’m a bounty hunter,” – Kelly Cutrone
Being in the PR industry, it is important to be on the lookout for new opportunities all the time and be ready to go and get them when they come by. One can bounty hunt for creative opportunities, more projects, more clients and business partners, and the list goes on.


“Know what’s going on in the industry where you want to work,” – Cannon Hodge
This is extremely important. It is critical to ensure that you have done all your essential research, know who the big players are, basic requirements, and background information as well. Ensure you are fully prepared.

Zadig & Voltaire Parfum Press Event

Zadig & Voltaire launched its new perfume line Thisishim and Thisisher in Singapore on the 11th July at its Takashimaya outlet.

With the theme going Be Rock! Be Zadig!, it was an event was grunge rock meet Parisian chic.  Both the Men's and the Ladies' parfume bottles were designed with a unique broken side, which only the Paris fashion house dared to do.

Designed by Thierry Gillier, the slightly jaggered sides of the His & Hers bottles were made to fit together perfectly- making them both the perfect gifts for a couple.




Orchard Scotts Dental Celebrates Its Opening Party With A Smile Affair

It was a night of sexy jazz music and delicious canapes as Orchard Scotts Dental held its opening party on the 30th June at the rooftop area of Liat Towers with much fanfare. Illuminated multi-colored chairs set against the setting sun bathed the area in a psychedelic glow. Celebrities and influencers alike mingled alongside the music as they enjoyed the live music from the four-piece live jazz band.

Celebrities such as Kelly Latimer and Mediacorp artist James Seah arrived with their beautiful dates to offer their support for the opening party. Both the Invisalign dedicated practice and the Aesthetic & Implant practice held interactive tours for the guests to gain a deeper understanding of the services available.

The lluminated chairs lit up the rooftop party with their pschedelic hues.



Socialite Frances Low, Dr Jerry Lim and Celebrity Blogger Dawn Yang




Dr Ronnie Yap, Miss Singapore Universe 2002 Lynn Tan and Dr Jerry Lim




Influencers Junying and Reiee



It was indeed a night where the guests were all smiles!


Is Old Truly Gold?

As campaigns for global warming, deforestation and pollution rise in the recent years, so do the new age of fashion designers. Many start-up brands have shifted their focus to being eco-friendly and sustainable. That brand new leather scent isn’t the sexiest thing on the market anymore; it’s a vintage denim jacket with handsewn patches. These designers and companies have their own reasons for switching to being more green, but what ties them together is the concept that what’s old can look and feel brand spanking new again. Here are some brands committed to upcycling:


Photo: Norrfolks

Elise Lindkvist grew up with kilim rugs, which are traditional rugs handwoven by Turkish nomads. Today, she turns them into fashionable pieces such as espadrilles and bucket bags. With a background in the accessory industry, she wanted to merge culture and craftsmanship with modernity. A pair of shoes can take up to two days to make for Norrfolks.


Photo: Re/Done

When the brand first launched all they had were 120 pairs of revamped vintage Levi’s jeans. Nonetheless, it sold out within half an hour. But this idea didn’t start out intentionally as an eco-friendly one. According to co-founder Sean Barron, it all “came together magically by accident.” Jeans are washed, measured, deconstructed and then sewn back together. A bigger variety of denim pieces will be launching by fall so stay tuned all you  double denim fans.



Photo: Wolf and Lamb

Leather in today’s day and age just doesn’t feel as good as it used to. Well, that’s what Alison Reynolds seems to think, and many agree with her. As a kid she saw her parents’ collection of leather jackets grow by the dozens, causing her to gravitate towards outerwear-centric styles today. She travels all over the States to collect old, unwanted leather jackets to give it a new lease of life.

Feeling inspired to DIY your own signature item? Join us this Saturday, 18th of June, 3pm, at One Raffles Place for our T-shirt Scarf Workshop! Simply send $280 at One Raffles Place to enjoy a complimentary pass to the session. See you there!


Meet the Team : PR Director Cecilia Tan

We Talked To…Cecilia Tan, Principal Consultant, Publicist PR
Can you tell us about your background in communications and how it helped to shape Publicist PR?
Having worked in media, corporate communications and PR for over 15 years, (six years in-house including a regional branding role in Eastern Europe and five years in two other agencies, I am fully at ease with mapping out campaign strategies on the go for clients. The opportunity to work with SME clients was invaluable. It allowed me to provide more personalized attention to clients’ needs and gave me the chance to express my quirky creativity.

In my former role as a Regional Brand Manager, I spent the bulk of my time sourcing and short-listing agencies. While the big guns gave the best results for ATL campaigns, it was the boutique agencies that gave us the best performance in PR. In my personal opinion, performance, ability and enthusiasm outranks size. I recall receiving hundreds of press clippings from boutique PR agencies because they had the right connections and relationships. It inspired me to venture out myself with this philosophy - to strive to establish strong media relations and deliver results.

To this end, my team likes to think of ourselves as storytellers. We enjoy the challenge of weaving fresh insights, new ideas and angles to give a refreshing take on a familiar story.

What sectors are Publicist PR strongest in and what do you see as your major growth opportunities in 2016?
Retail PR has always been the heartbeat of our agency. Some of our first clients were retailers who saw our passion for crafting a good story. With the cut-throat competition in the retail industry, we see major growth opportunities for luxury brands by adopting innovative digital marketing techniques.

We are fortunate to have represented some of the top fashion and beauty brands. The experience proved that success hinges on more than analytics. What’s crucial is the ability to anticipate and create fashion trends. You know a PR campaign has done well or a relationship with a fashion influencer has worked when the store faces the happy problem of an out-of-stock situation.

We have been on a steep learning curve from 2014-2015 working with tech start-ups. I personally enjoy the adrenalin rush of keeping pace with technology PR and relating it back to everything we do. I love injecting fashion into tech and infusing glamour into medical matters. For 2016, we want to help more retailers conquer the changes in shopping trends and the negative momentum in their brick and mortar stores.

What makes a great fashion PR professional?
You need a love for arts and culture, curiosity and hunger for new experiences. It will help open your eyes to trends and help to create newsworthy angles.

A great PR person must also be personal yet meticulous in organizing press schedules. But besides scheduling anything from product loans to celebrity fittings, you need to make a press release sing.

When we started out, we were basically running to media offices with our press samples. We did not wait for stylists to approach us. Effective PR means delivering the clients’ kits into the right hands for maximum exposure i.e. putting brands in front of stylists, editors, influencers and celebrities.

What drew you to a career in PR?
I was a chatterbox who enjoyed telling stories and arguing. I had a good stage voice so despite my meagre acting skills, I would still win MC roles and that really helped build my confidence in script writing and media training. With my interest in literature since JC, I found character and plot analysis helpful in understanding customer psyche. Above all, I am one who loves using creativity to solve problems. I can't help but see the opportunities even in the darkest of situations.
Traditional vs new media?
The race is on as traditional media has become new media as readers are still hungry for reliable content. The rise of the social media influencers and the proliferation of bloggers makes it ever more essential to sift through information to spot the paid endorsements and biased content. With more than 50% of the media content consumed in the near future in digital format, we expect film students with a keen eye for moving visuals will be the next big thing.
Where do you get your news from?
I still read The Straits Times life! and Business Times and spend a lot of time on social media to keep abreast of trends. For inspiration, I subscribe to The New York Times, Monocle and New Yorker for great stories. Most importantly, I like speaking to people and listening to their stories. My job is such an occupational hazard that even at parties where I’m a guest, I chat with strangers and ensure that everyone has a drink - so much so that I am often mistaken for the host. Listening is the best way to pick up ideas and to stay current.
I am thankful to have had talented Journalists as my touchstones over the last two decades. Contrary to expectations, I have never had to pitch very much to experienced editors. They can recognise a good story when they hear one. They make every bit of my work a real pleasure.

Making the Green Switch - How To Become a Sustainable Business

It’s 2016, and let’s be honest: clients now have a growing interest in working with more eco-friendly companies. Gone are the days where anything green was associated with “hippies” and “hillbillies”, eco marketing has taken over. So it’s really up to you to enjoy the walk down the yellow brick road to Emerald City.


Here’s a list of ways to go green that’s so simple; all your rival companies would go green with envy:


  • Employees: You can’t be the only one believing in eco marketing. Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand and if they don’t buy any of your marketing ideas 100% then honey what’s the point? They must be onboard for any of this to work. Show them examples of other companies and campaigns and push them to think of ways to improve it. Get their engines rolling and slowly they’ll embrace the new move.


  • Credentials: Display your company’s brand with pride while showing off how sustainable you’ve become, literally. Create green version of your logos to use specially for the eco marketing campaigns you’re pitching or working on. These can be applied to websites, packaging, business cards and all that jazz. Consumers and potential clients will know you’re a eco friendly business with just one look.


  • Networking: A follow up from credentials, the choice of materials used to create business cards, pens, notepads etc, can directly impact a potential client’s view of your brand. Using recycled materials is one of the most effective tools to show others what you stand for. Who said recycling wasn’t sexy & attractive?


  • Go Local: Using local resources as much as possible wouldn’t just reduce your costs and carbon footprint, it would attract local publicity and support fast. Tell me, who wouldn’t want that? Invest in your community and slowly the rest of the world will catch up.


There you go! Think about these things when working on your next eco marketing campaign, or when pitching to an eco friendly client, maybe even throw on some green lipstick while you’re at it! Just kidding (or not).


Get to know Daashayani!

What is your role at publicist PR? What do you aim to achieve while working at Publicist PR?

I am a marketing intern this summer 2016. I aim to learn more about the communications industry through this internship, which will allow me to have a better understanding of the working world in the future.


Why do you love about PR?

We’re constantly meeting new people and networking which definitely helps to build up our social skills.


Which is your favorite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?

It’s probably the SK-II short film, ‘Marriage Market Takeover.’ The campaign shined a light on the pressures unmarried older women face by their families and society. This is a smart way to reach out to your target audience by showing support for them.


What’s on your bucket list?

To spend some time travelling on my own.


Who is your inspiration? Why?

Beyoncé. She can do anything & everything.


Who is your dream client list?

Urban Decay, Benefit San Francisco, & Ashish.


What’s on your reading list?

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” by Mindy Kaling.

Get to know Brigette!


What is your role at publicist PR? What do you aim to achieve while working at Publicist PR?

 I am an Account Manager at Publicist PR, handling corporate and fashion clients. I aim to share my PR knowledge, make the clients happy, and develop new businesses, while also learning more along the way.


What do you love about PR?

I love that I get to meet different people and work on accounts from various industries.


Which is your favorite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?

It would be Forever 21's Style Insider. It’s an all-inclusive personal styling and shopping service, offered for free and with no purchase requirement at all Forever 21 stores in the Philippines. The service aims to make shopping an easier and more intuitive experience, with a unique touch from Forever 21's in-house stylists.


What’s on your bucket list?

I want to travel and see more of the world. And probably get another degree!


Who is your inspiration? Why?

It has always been my mom. She juggles everything all on her own. She was able to work and raise us at the same time. She’s one of the toughest women I know!


Who is your dream client list?

Starbucks, Singapore Airlines and Nike lifestyle!


What’s on your reading list?

Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes


One Raffles Place Workshop Saturday

To celebrate the Great Singapore Sale, One Raffles Place launched this year’s theme - Find your Eco-style and  introduced exciting eco-friendly workshops and exhibitions designed to inspire shoppers to make a stand for the environment.

Surrounded by life sized cardboard sculptures, shoppers were invited to attend hands-on workshops to promote indoor gardening and the recycling of clothes. Bloggers such as environment ambassador, Tiffany Yong from, joined us in the eco-friendly workshops.

Shoppers got to choose between either Terrarium Potting or an Up-Cycling workshop. In the Terrarium workshop, shoppers indulged in their creative fancies where they did hands-on plant potting. They crafted their own Terrarium and customized it to their own personalities.

For the Up-Cycling workshop, shoppers were asked to bring a piece of old T-shirt and were taught  how to transform it into a brand new scarf. Participants eagerly cut up their old T-shirts and stretched them out into scarves which they excitedly wore and took pictures of. With different furnishings such as braiding, different T-shirts resulted in different variations of the scarves. Participants also received instant prints of pictures as a take home souvenir from the event.

For the 11th June and 18th June, shoppers can also join in the fun at the Terrarium workshop at 1 pm and the Up-Cycling workshop at 3pm by simply spending $280 and registering at information of Level 4 of One Raffles Place.
Watch some of eco-action here at :

Balloon Candyland at Ang Mo Kio Hub

Ang Mo Kio Hub was a hive of festivities for the families that came down for Balloon Candyland. Decorated with life-sized balloon sculptures of colourful ice cream cones and candles, the atrium was filled with delighted young ones who were most excited with the eight foot high teddy bear seated atop a small hill of ‘candies’.

Surrounded by the popcorn and candy arches as well as the lollipop heart tree, children were invited to join in a balloon sculpting workshop with their parents in tow. Bloggers such as Diana Soh from arrived with their families to join in the family-bonding event.

Shoppers enjoyed booth games, complimentary balloon sculpting workshops and free instant prints. This May, AMK Hub’s collaboration with National Library Board with the Storytelling Treats for Kids also enabled parents to instil the good habit of reading in their children.

With the Great Singapore Sale sweeping through AMK Hub, shoppers were invited to share their Balloon Candyland “selfie” on Instagram or on the mall’s facebook page with the hashtag #AMKHubCandyGSS. The first 200 shoppers to show the shared photo alongside the mystery code would receive a $5 AMK shopping voucher.

From 13th May to 27th June, shoppers can also stand a chance to win a year’s worth of groceries, $5000 worth of gadgets and a holiday trip of the winner’s choice destination when they shop at Fairprice Xtra.Watch some of the action at Balloon Candyland here: !