Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Rebecca

What is your role at Publicist PR? What do you love about PR?

I am a social media intern at Publicist PR this summer 2016. I love the different opportunities PR offers which allows me to learn new things, keep up to date with current events, and apply my relevant skills. 


Who do you follow on Instagram? What do you think is important about social media?

I follow friends on Instagram as well as celebrities and fashion designers. I think that social media is an important platform for networking and showcasing oneself. Social media can be used to connect with new people, keep in touch with old friends anytime, anywhere. Social media can be effectively used by brands to promote their goods and services in a specific and personalized manner in order to effectively appeal to their targeted audience. 

Favorite campaign ever? Why?

Nike Photo ID campaign in 2013. This was a campaign which allowed users of the site to customize their own Nike Air Max shoe and share the designs on social media. I found it interesting to view the creations of others as their designs were one of a kind.

What's on your bucket list?

Travel around the world

What's on your reading list?

Inferno by Dan Brown

What's your dream client list?

It is great to be able to put my creativity to good use and support the client's business objectives. I aim to do my best in satisfying the client's needs.


Step into Rebecca's life as a PR intern for a moment and check out her video of local eco-sculptor Bartholomew Ting unleashing his creativity at One Raffles Place here! -->


Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Pei Jun

We are following up on our PR GIRL interviews with Pei Jun who is currently our Press Relations Associate in charge of Orchard Scotts Dental, Citizen and One Raffles Place.

Could you describe your job as a press officer, what is it like on a daily basis?

Everyday is new and exciting. I enjoy working with clients and editors. I am very grateful to be able to work with our team.


What are the DOs & DON'Ts of a Fashion press agent?

Love the brands you defend. You need honesty to fight on a daily basis and create authentic stories.


Your best success as a press officer?

I love working on Q&A with the clients and researching on solid press angles.


What's on your desk?

My laptop, magazines, phone, inspiring quotes, post-its, facial mists, a comb. Tidying up is not really my thing, but I like to think that I am working in an organized mess.


Your worst professional blunder (one you can tell about)?

In an email I mixed up two “Stefanos” who absolutely do not have the same job: one boss vs an assistant. Quite embarrassing.

As a press officer, what do you expect from a Fashion editor/journalist?



What will remain as your nicest professional memory?

When I worked as an intern for Prestige magazine, I was able to receive many freebies from my editors.


What is your favourite marketing strategy?

My favourite has got to be Art Marketing strategy. I love how it infuses art into the corporate sphere and at the same time effectively reaches out to the masses. I think I especially like it for the creativity behind it and how it deviates from the typical marketing strategies. Since the classic urban worker is so stressed out and jaded by work, I think art marketing injects fun and makes them genuinely interested about our client.

> UP NEXT: Becky the Vampire Slayer  PR Designer! 

3 Tips for Media Pitching

1. Know Your Audience

No matter how engaging the content you are pitching is, all the effort is wasted if you pitch to the wrong audience. Before pitching, take some time to find out more about the articles the editor has written or which topics in particular he/she is interested in to increase chances of success. Pitch fashion products to fashion writers/stylists, beauty products to beauty writers and etc.! 


2. Details Are Immaterial

Giving lengthy details about the time, date, venue, product model specs or even lifting the entire body of the press release will not entice the reader you are pitching to. People want to know the reasons and motivations behind your campaign to decide whether it is worth investing time into. Insert key messages such as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and value add by offering additional services that you think might help. such as an exclusive interview or styling samples! Keep pitches short, succinct, and most importantly, relevant.


3. Build Rapport


It is easier to pitch to a friend than to a stranger. Work on building good positive relationships with influencers, bloggers, journalists and editors. Listen to their concerns and try to understand them better. Live out the terms in the word cloud above! Do not focus on solely selling your idea. This makes work more meaningful as well. 


5 Minutes with Wenhao

Kids' Balloon Candyland Fiesta @AMK Hub

From 13th May to 26th June, AMK Hub will be celebrating GSS with a Candyland Balloon Fiesta that promises to be bigger and better than that of last year.

Families can spend quality time together taking instagram-worthy photos with ginormous lollipops and other fascinating balloon sculptures. It will be one sweet affair with carnival booth games, complimentary balloon sculpting workshops and free instant prints, there is something for everyone! Stick around for our Pop-up Attractions the “Ultimate Rebound” trampoline and “Stickywall” and instill good reading habits in your kids with our Storytelling Treats. Take away memorable moments that would go beyond this GSS, to last you a lifetime. Besides attractive lucky draw prizes, we also have in store limited edition Candy Cushions up for grabs. 

We can't wait to see you there! :D


5 Minutes with Janee Lee

Get to know our PR Team in 5 minutes (or less!) through this simple grid that says all. Janee our PR girl is an absolute bundle of joy to work with - stitched together by her meticulous, sweet, and cute nature!

UP NEXT >> Wen Hao the Dog Whisperer. STAY TUNED!


SINGAPORE, April 2016 – BeautyFresh, an exciting online platform featuring luxury skincare and beauty products for pampering men and women held its very own BeautyFresh Floral Magic Event at The Floral Atelier, 40 Eng Hoon Street. Editors and writers alike were invited to participate in this alluring Floral Arrangement Workshop showcasing their own purchased items from BeautyFresh! All of our invitees enjoyed the intimate and creative process of handpicking their own fresh flowers from a selection of roses, hydrangeas, and carnations to create their very own beautiful bloom box.

Participants eagerly taking out their BeautyFresh items items from their goodie bags while Florist Daphne teaches them the basics of floral arrangement.

Our florists-to-be in action!

Our florists-to-be in action!


Celine (@celine_tan_) proudly presenting her bloom box


Lisa looking very satisfied with her bloom box


Nafeesa (left) and Beth (right) at the photobooth!

Last but not leat. here is Jack - Director of BeautyFresh himself excitedly showing us his bloom box!



The blogger influencer programme – Mannequin in Vogue – hosted by One Raffles Place is a fashion exhibition that will be ongoing from 31 March to 27 April. In keeping with fashion trends and a more personalised approach to shopping, this exhibition is helmed by fashion stylist, Jerome Awashthi and blogger influencers.



Mannequin in Vogue allows for the exhibition of brands that some of the retail and fashion stores in One Raffles Place offers and also, grants the influencers that we are working hand-in-hand with, coverage at the same time. It is where a few blogger influencers are invited to pick out two outfits each, that will be featured at the first level of One Raffles Place.

The process of this program is where our PR Gladiators would go around with the blogger influencers while they shop to snap some pictures and do some note-taking on the shops they enter. These pictures and notes will be for future usage as they are needy in times of doing write-ups.

The blogger influencers that we work with covers lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and sports: Lian Mei Ting, Yina Goh, Zoe Raymond, and Jessica Loh.


Lian Mei Ting looking through clothes rack at Sarah B


Yina Goh posing with an outfit she tried on


Zoe Raymond at Sarah B


Jessica Loh trying glasses at OWNDAYS



As a Social Media Strategist, we take photos and interact with these influencers. The time spent with them was pleasant and enjoyable we even exchanged some fashion tips on how we could pair up our clothings! With enjoyment comes with responsibility as well so some tasks that we cover consists of:

  1. Handling Social Media Platforms

One Raffles Place Instagram account

In this program, we are working with One Raffles Place hence the social media platform we handle is the Instagram and Facebook of One Raffles Place. Much preparation is needed beforehand but fear not, because if you have done and organised your documents well, the postings on social media will go smoothly.


  1. Content Gathering

One Raffles Place rojak post on Instagram

Gathering content is crucial in the preparation process for a press release. We should ensure that the content is true and factual. The content can be used for many things such as the postings for social media. We should bridge the gap between what has been delivered to our audience and what we can offer and the content gathered is what would help avoid that gap.

The preparation of a fact sheet is another process where the content gathered is vital. The fact sheet is a document with a short write-ups of the introduction and what each different retailer has to offer. The short paragraph could help retailers draw or either repel customers.



  1. The Classic Black Dress at Angel Republic [#03-08] is suitable for many occasions!
  2. Not-too-plain work-wear from PS thirtyfour [#04-20].
  3. Sleeveless White Dress with Belt at Slady [#03-01].
  4. Simplicity at its best with audaash’s [#04-18] White Blouse with Black Collar Ribbon.
  5. End off your outfit with Soft Pink Heels and a Leaflet Necklace from Ámanda [#04-33/34].


Working with our clients does not mean all work and no play. Remember, in the midst of all the work, there is always room for entertainment!

Behind the Scenes with Fashion Influencers

The media landscape used to be simple for fashion PR. We focused largely on fashion editors, stylists, celebrities and wardrobe sponsorship. These days, fashion PR process has evolved as fashion brands started showing their collections in-season, launching digital and prints ads instantly and allowing consumers to buy runway items in real-time. Street style, fashion zeitgeist and taste making are simultaneously shared and formed. Social objects such as hashtags gather micro-communities. So if you are launching a social media advertisement, think about what relevant hashtags you can use. 

Just last week, some of our PR gladiators were part of helping one of our client’s blogger engagements with Lian Mei Ting, Yina Goh, Zoe Raymond and Jessica Tham. Well, let’s allow the pictures below speak a few words.

(Lian Mei Ting)

(Yina Goh)

(Zoe Raymond)

(Jessica Tham)

So how is blogger engagement done? Here are 3 Tips to help you manage and ensure effective blogger engagement!

1.Communication is Key


When a relationship is built, there would be more possibilities for future collaborations. Engaging a blogger for collaboration is not about contacting them only when you need their service.

Be friendly and enagage in small talk, asking them how was their day, etc. This would allow both parties to be comfortable with each other, making the collaboration more enjoyable.

Here is Yina posing for a casual photo. Collaborations can be serious but fun at the same time!

By building a stable and open relationship between the blogger and yourself, it would make it easier for you to contact the blogger for meet ups or work-related matters in order to publish the best coverage possible.

2. Be Interested 


It is important to take interest in what the bloggers are attracted to. You would not want a fashion blogger to be doing food collaborations when your goals is to advertise a fashion product. Just like how Mei Ting, Yina, Zoe and Jessica have high passion for fashion, fashion collaborations would be of high interest to them. We would be assured that desirable fashion advertisements would be produced for the client we are representing for.

3.Ask politely to take more pictures

Remember, bloggers are there to help gain more coverage for your clients. They are the ones that are able to get more viewership from their fans and followers. Feel free to ask the bloggers to pose for more photos to help you get the best shot.

All in all, it is relatively easy to execute blogger engagements. Just keep the 3 tips in mind and you would be good to go! 

Farrer Park Hospital Preliminary Tour

Set to open in 2016, Farrer Park Hospital is a new 145 bed, state-of-the-art hospital. It will serve the growing needs of the local and foreign patients. 

The hospital was designed with the latest technology and environmentally efficient construction, providing a wide range of inpatient services in a comfortable setting that puts the patient and family at the center of care.

During a recent media tour, we learnt about the illustrious history of Farrer district. Our media friends were impressed by how the building was seamlessly integrated with the Farrer Hotel, Spa and a palette of fifteen healing gardens - all carefully arranged above the Farrer Park MRT Station.

Touring the Nuclear and Radiotheraphy Facilities

CEO of Farrer Park Hospital, Dr Timothy Low Sim Ong, concluded the tour by highlighting some of the hospital's unique facilities which have not yet been introduced across Singapore.

Special creation by Executive Sous Chef Ho Chan Fei

Overseas media touring Singapore's first fully integrated healthcare and hospitality hub, a new 20-storey building erected atop Farrer Park MRT Station, an area full of rich history - Connexion.

We would like to specially thank our friends from the media for lending their support and or course, Farrer Park Hospital for their hospitality and generous gifts.