How To Pitch To Magazine Editors Effectively

For starters, how do we pitch to magazine editors? We share some pointers that may help you in reaching out to magazine editors effectively for your next pitch! 


Know Your Audience

Of course, the first most important point is to identify your main target audience you want to reach out to. From there, you'll know which magazines to target. We have to ensure we match our pitch to the magazine and their target audience for it to be relevant!

Know Their Interest

For starters, how do we pitch to magazine editors? We share some pointers that may help you in reaching out to magazine editors effectively for your next pitch! 

Know Your Audience

Of course, the first most important point is to identify your main target audience you want to reach out to. From there, you'll know which magazines to target. We have to ensure we match our pitch to the magazine and their target audience for it to be relevant!

Read Their Magazine

How to garner the attention of the editors? By understanding what their point of interest is. By showing that you have read and understood where their publication’s interest lies in, it would then be easier to craft a pitch that would interest them.

Know Their Timeline

Magazines have a cycle that you would need to know in order to pitch them in a timely manner. For monthly publications, you would have to pitch 2 months in advance. For example, for a story to appear in the November issue, you would have to start pitching in September.

Answer Promptly

Do not keep the editors waiting for days for your reply as it shows that you have no respect for their time. Do remember that they are very busy people, so don’t keep them waiting!

Call & Be Friendly

Pick up the phone to follow up with them. It is all about the personal touch and building a relationship. By calling the editors, it shows that you are sincere enough to make an effort to connect with the editors.

Keep It Short & Interesting

No body has the time to read a really long proposal at one glance. Your pitch should be personalized, interesting but short enough to pique the interest of the editors. Have the necessary information in your pitch but keep it short and sweet because the longer your email is, the higher chance it would be ignored. 

Stenders Grand Opening; Gardener of Feelings

Ever heard of a beautiful little country by the Baltic Sea, in the North-Western part of Europe? That's where you can find a country called Latvia. Stenders orginated from Latvia and was started by two elderly couples who handmade soaps and other products. It has now grown into one of the biggest cosmetics producers in Europe.

Expanding, Stenders recently held a successful Grand Opening at its first flagship store in Singapore at Plaza Singapura on the 8th of October. CEO Julien Laporte, alongside with Marketing Director Baiba, graced the grand opening at its store with the press, bloggers and partners. 

With Jamie Yeo as the host, guests at the event saw demostrations of Stenders products as they get to experience first-hand with Stenders products with elements of nature such as the Rose Salt Scrub that has actual rose petals in it. 

We would also like to say thank you to Annabelle Pastisserie for their cute and tasteful rose macarons! Suiting the theme of the event, Annabelle Pastisserie made a macaron tower in pastel pink. 

This event would not have been successful without the support from our partners and media. With Stenders, we would like to give a big shout out and thank you to all our guests that graced this event with us!

How to manage an event like a pro

Those familiar with managing an event would understand the difficulties in handling the logistics on all sides, especially when you are liaising with someone over an email, and hard as you press, you are never able to get a reply from them.


Before getting to the glam and glamour of the actual event, the behind-the-scenes of handling an event is the way to ensure a good show.


Here, I have 3 important tips to take note of when managing an event, especially when it’s one that includes external attendees.


1. Write everything down



It can be a challenge managing an event for the first time.


The best way I have learned is to always plan ahead and stay on top of things by writing everything down. I don’t mean just your typical bullet point, one-word notes -- at the end of a long and busy day, you’d look back on your notes and confuse yourself even more.


Write specifically in the list the items that needs to be done, or anything that needs to be taken care of. This is especially important when you are at a meeting.


Once you have that, everything will be clearer, and you won’t have a hard time trying to remember everything that you need to do.


2. Multi-tasking -- the smart way



Multi-tasking is an important skill especially if you need to organize catering and other logistics.


The magic to multi-tasking is time management.


That being said, if you feel like you cannot handle too many things at once, always prioritise the work. Urgent matters should always be handled first.


To get the maximal outcome from this point, follow the first pointer and you’re halfway there to making it.


3. Communication is very important



When it comes to managing an event, you will definitely be liaising back and forth with caterers and client so with all the back and forth, it is important to check that nothing is being lost but double checking everything twice.


One way to ensure that everyone will be on the same page is to ensure that updates to any issue or discussion is passed on to the appropriate person. Hold regular meetings to update everyone on the things that you are doing.


When you get an unexpected hiccup from one aspect of the management, always keep those involved in the loop.


Another thing to note is that, if you are making changes, always inform the other party so that they don’t get a surprise.


Now to get into the actual planning of the event. To create an event with the perfect setting, the planning of it has to be done right. Here is a list of things needed to ensure that your attendees will be able to feel the vibe that you want them to feel. 


1. Thematic setting



To create the right mood that you want to achieve for your event, the first thing to think about is the theme of the event that you want. 


To find a suitable theme, consider the tone of the event that you want before deciding on the theme. 


Some examples are, rose theme, garden chic, Spanish lifestyle, and more. 


2. Decor / food 


Of course, once you have settled on the theme of the event, the next step is to ensure that the decoration and food matches the theme. 


If your theme is a Spanish lifestyle, you would then ensure that the food is Spanish cuisine, and not, chinese.


3. Who to invite


At the end of the day, the reason why you are organising an event is because you want to showcase, or impress others. 


That said, the people that you invite has to be people that you want to impress. If you are having an event that you want to be publicized, you should then also invite the relevant people from the media. If it is a food event, invite food writers, if it’s a beauty event, invite beauty writers, and so on and so forth, you get the idea.  


With these important tips in mind, organizing an event will be smooth and successful. 


Wine tasting dinner with winemaker of Bodegas Campos Reales


What is a good way to unwind after a long day of work? No doubt that most people would say “Cheers!”.

For the various wine experts from the different wine importers and distributors in Singapore, that was exactly what they did. The best part was that all of this was enjoyed in a classy, European setting at Binomio, a Spanish restaurant in Singapore.

In a private room set up by the restaurant’s General Manager, Eduardo, attendees to the wine tasting dinner were well looked after.

As the dinner began, and the tapas were served, Mr Jose Antonio, the winemaker of the Spanish winery stood up to greet everyone, as well as to thank them for their attendance. The introduction to the wines was given, and soon, everyone was tucking in and enjoying the wine.

We enjoyed five different kinds of wine from Campos Reales, such as their Garnacha, Rose Wine, as well as the Canfora.

We hope that everyone who attended had a good time, and that Mr Jose Antonio had a successful trip in Singapore.

A little appreciation goes a long way. Acknowledge the invisible work force.

We’re all guilty of being preoccupied with our own concerns - what to have for lunch, where to go on holiday, our kids and so on. So much so that we take for granted that our surroundings are clean, green and safe.

Green, Clean and Safe Singapore

We often forget the discreet army of cleaners, landscape workers and security officers who make all this a reality, and who earn low wages.

They deserve our thanks for their ceaseless labour which makes our lives pleasant, and keeps our city liveable.

Being gracious by saying thank-you with a smile costs nothing, but it can make the day of the ones who clear tables and sweep the streets.

So, the next time you’re in a food court, stop chatting with your companion or fiddling with your phone. Make eye contact with the person cleaning your table, and say thank-you. Greet the security personnel at your work place or shopping mall with a “Good Morning”. Humanise your interaction with the many workers you will encounter in the course of your day.

Remember that a smile removes the cloak of invisibility that they wear. A friendly gesture acknowledges the importance of their roles in the smooth running of our city state.

Make a difference. Be a part of the ‘Appreciating U’ movement launched by U Care Centre (UCC). UCC is an organisation set up by the National Trade Union Council (NTUC) to support low-wage workers.

With the ‘Appreciating U’ movement set in motion in April this year, UCC hopes to garner the support of Singaporeans to come together and show our appreciation to the low wage workers of Singapore.

Share with us how you show appreciation to the low-wage workers with a photo! Upload it on Facebook or Instagram and include the #thumbsuptribute. Don't forget to mention UCC!

Instagram: @ucarecentre

Candylicious moments at Sophisca’s Blogger Party

It was a day of sweetness on 1 Aug 2015, where bloggers of different walks of life gathered at Sophisca’s candy store at their ION Orchard branch.

We would also like to thank all our attendees for making their way to the party and we hope that you had a candilicious time!

From cupcakes, to chocolates, to candies packaged in customised wrapping, the ladies in attendance were spoilt for choice! For those who wanted to capture the candylicious and keep it for sweet memory, there was also a photo booth set up with ingenious props, for the party-goers to have fun.

When the party officially started, you could see the look of curiosity and envy of the passersby outside the shop as they looked in and wondered what fun we were having, and why.

You must be wondering why, too, from reading these words. We’ll stop rambling here, and let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

Rad Russel x Simon Carter Exclusive Press Launch

Do you know your Derbys from your Oxfords; your wingtips from your cordovan? With men's footwear going all proper, Publicist PR was delighted to organize a press preview that shared an appreciation for hand-made shoes.

At the press launch of Rad Russel X Simon Carter presentation, Men’s Health, Men’s Folio, Female Brides, Singapore Women’s Weekly & even local celebrity Gareth Fernandez joined the designer himself to champion sartorial sophistication for a male audience.

As one of Britain's popular shoecrafters, Simon Carter believes the must-haves to update workwear is through a pair of well-made shoes and smart accessorizing. Upping your fashion credentials and injecting some sprezzatura in men's wardrobe doesn't have to be complicated, he shared. “Start off with a pair of green socks and a pair of quirky cufflinks.”

“With many male customers developing an appetite for costly "trad" shoes, we will continue building key collections centered on strong craftsmanship and quality.”

Comprising of classic styles such as Derby, Monk Strap and Oxford, the Rad Russel x Simon Carter capsule collection wooed with exquisitely sleek, elongated shapes and painstakingly made texture. Making quite an impression on our fashion press was the woven derbys and navy blue oxfords.

A big thank you to our dear media partners, Rad Russel and Simon Carter for making the press preview a great success.

The Capsule collection for Rad Russel X Simon Carter is available at Rad Russel's flagship boutique on Plaza Singapura.

Bang & Olufsen 90th Anniversary Cocktail

Publicist PR was thrilled to be able to work with Bang & Olufsen Press and VIP event. As the world’s oldest audio brand, B&O Singapore celebrated its 90th Anniversary on 5th March, at Grand Hyatt Singapore. The event saw the world premiere of Bang & Olufsen’s Love Affair Collection. While white gold represents friendship and yellow gold means fidelity, rose gold represents love and is therefore the ultimate inspiration for this collection.

Media friends and VIPs who attended the B&O's birthday had the opportunity to test the Beosound Momement set, which features the world's first touch-sensitive wooden interface. Here are the highlights.



'Girls Who Wear Glasses' Beauty Workshop

A beauty workshop for invited beauty & lifestyle bloggers, brought to them through a collaboration between Tokyo Star Optical and Ettusais over the last weekend of January 2015 has attracted a positive turnout.

The beauty workshop focuses on how girls who wear glasses can still put on make-up and look pretty even though they'll be in their glasses for the entire day, hence the name of the workshop, "Girls Who Wear Glasses Beauty Workshop". 

While Ettusais' make-up artist is demonstrating to our bloggers how to change a day eye shadow to an evening one, our bloggers were pretty excited about in. They had started interacting with each other, exchanging their tips and tricks while listening to the demonstration. 

When the workshop is done, Tokyo Star Optical introduced their new ranges of spectacles to the attendees, trying them out on the make-up model. 

At the end of the workshop, the bloggers went around Tokyo Star Optical store to try out some of their new range of glasses and seeking each other's opinions. 

Thank you ladies for coming down!


Check out Tokyo Star Optical, the provider of smart, hipster and even lightweight glasses at:

1 Raffles Link, #B1-31 CityLink Mall,
Singapore 039393
Opening Hours: Daily from 11am to 9pm
Tel: (+65) 6532 0071

Tokyo Star Optical is also found on:-
-  Facebook page: 
-  Instagram: @tokyostaroptical 

Bring Your Own Prescription

In mid-January, Tokyo Star Optical held an event 'Bring Your Own Prescription', which drew the whacky bloggers and fashion editors with varying styles to its hipster collection.
We had fun watching them try out the different glasses before finally settling down on their favourite pick.

Let's take a peep!

Jocelyn waiting for her optical test!

Don't they look smarter already?

"I look like a lawyer!"

Hi there, lovely Vera.

"Time to pose with our new baby glasses,"

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming down!

Check out Tokyo Star Optical, the provider of smart, hipster and even lightweight glasses at:

1 Raffles Link, #B1-31 CityLink Mall,
Singapore 039393
Opening Hours: Daily from 11am to 9pm
Tel: (+65) 6532 0071

Tokyo Star Optical is also found on:-
-  Facebook page: 
-  Instagram: @tokyostaroptical