Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede™ Lipstick

Held at Mu Parlour, the Revlon Read My Lips Media Party introduce the new Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede™ lipstick. Revlon introduces a one step, ultra comfortable lipstick that lasts for up to 16 hours, giving lips a velvety, suede look that looks and feels good. Brunch party was held at Mu Parlour in trendy Holland Village with demonstrations and food provided. Attendees includes Yvette King MediaCorp producer Mathilda and the Toggle team, TV presenter Linda Black, UWeekly, HYPE magazine, Wellnessway magazine and 987 DJ, Sonia.

The entrance to the event.

Mu Parlour providing the event venue, food and drinks.

Revlon event give aways.

The main highlight of the event.

While waiting for the event to start.

The professional make-up artist, Melissa Yeo and the other guests.

Her make-up kit.

The event started.

Demonstration started.

Anna and Phobe from HYPE magazine.

Elizabeth and Renee

Mathilda and Roseanna

Rita Yam and Bianca Zen

Yvette King

Sonia interviewing Yvette King

The Team

YiHui from UWeekly

Katherine from Wellnessway Magazine

Linda Black

Silvian Imberg SS2013 Women's Fashion Week

Nana's Green Tea Opening Event

No. 1 Japanese Cafe Nana's Green Tea has set up shop in Plaza Singapura to serve you all the delicious versions of the green drink. This is the first Nana’s Green Tea Café outlet outside of Japan. Lucky us! This Christmas, Nana’s Green Tea will be celebrating the grand opening of its first flagship store in Singapore on the 21st December at Plaza Singapura. To embrace the spirit of giving and Christmas cheer, Nana’s Green Tea has invited two beneficiaries, Beyond Social Services and Child at Street 11 to join in the opening festivities. Executive Director of Beyond Social Services, Mr. Gerard Ee will also be celebrating this joyous occasion with Nana’s Green Tea. As part of the occasion, Nana’s Green Tea Café will be donating half of the day’s proceeds to Beyond Social Services and Child at Street 11 as a way of giving back to society.

Check out some of the event photos!

N.tyler Fashion Presentation

N.Tyler is a UK-inspired men’s clothing line home-grown right here in Singapore, characterized by contemporary chic with a touch of old fashion, designed specially for the modern dapper man. The new N. Tyler’s Spring/Summer 2013 reflects strong influences from ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Saville Row’. Designed for the sartorialist with a penchant for boyish charm, N. Tyler reinterprets classic with new fabrics and modern cuts.

Here are some looks selected from the new N. Tyler’s Spring/Summer 2013 and of course, the event images of editors from Hong Kong and China.


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that saying must have been uttered by a man, because every woman knows that not even the biggest sparkler could beat chocolate!

It’s not just the taste – it’s the velvety, creamy texture and its mood-enhancing qualities. Not to mention the heavenly aroma that makes chocolate a clear winner. You don’t even have to pile on the pounds to enjoy chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula facial care range, made with pure cocoa butter and enriched with Vitamin E, is an advanced line of skin care that soften, smooth and relieve dry skin. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter range will also help give a more even-toned appearance. Best of all, its fragrance will take you back to your last chocolate hit - and it will make your skin look good enough to eat!

This Valentine’s day, Palmer’s is a holding a Valentine’s Day themed contest exclusively for fans of its Facebook page. Simply share what you love about Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula in less than 50 words, and stand a chance of winning 1 of 5 Palmer’s Facial Care hampers worth $38 each!

The contest will start on 7th February 2012 (12pm, GMT+8), and end on 19th February 2012 (6pm, GMT +8).

Head down to Palmer's Facebook Page for more details!



An Interview with Nathan Hartono

Local home-grown Jazz Singer Nathan Hartono plays Melchior  in the upcoming Spring Awakening Musical. He shared with us what it is like starring opposite Julia Abueva, his lifestyle and.... grooming tips?!


Hi Nathan, will Spring Awakening be your musical debut?

Yes it will! My theatrical debut in general. I've done theatre in the confines of school, but that was it really.


How excited are you about working with and performing with Adrian Pang, Julia Abueva and the rest of the cast?

Very much. Everyone has been a thrill to work with, I know you probably hear this a lot. But genuinely, I wasn't expecting to be welcomed with such open arms into the world of theatre. Everyones been so nice to me, and so patient with my learning process. I've grown to love everyone so much because of that, cast, crew and production alike.


Who are you closest to among the cast?

There are a bunch of us that share a carpool to and from rehearsals everyday, so its always fun to shoot the shit with them.


Understanding your busy work schedule, how do you manage to keep your skin looking so good and fresh?

Lots and lots of water. I generally don't use skincare products, except when i get pimples. Because I'm lazy like that, also, I haven't found anything that works. Strangely enough, this is probably a coincidence, but the only time I ever get pimples are the times I decide to use facial wash every now and then.


What's your favourite skin-care brand?

None. Possibly Palmer's? wink wink.


Apart from Jazz, what kind of music are you into right now?

I've always been into all sorts of music. Jazz is just one of my favourites because its so liberating. I generally like softer music, like jazz or folk. But if I'm in the mood for it, nothing beats good Rap (like Atmosphere, Childish Gambino, Kanye) or Rock music (Foo Fighters, KISS, Queen)


What fragrance are you using right now?

I don't use fragrance. I can't smell it on myself so why bother.


Describe an ideal Sunday.

Church in the morning. Lunch in the afternoon with family. Late afternoon with friends. Evening with my dog and a good movie...I know, sounds amazing doesn't it?


What's next after Spring Awakening?

I'm going to record a new CD! The "Hows, Whens and Whats" are still very sketchy. But I'm determined to make it happen by June. Meanwhile, I'll just be performing more, trying out new material. I don't know if this acting thing is gonna stick. They say the theatre bug would get to me once this is over. Lets see how that goes....


Produced locally by Pangdenomium (started by local celebrity Adrian Pang and his wife Tracy), Spring Awakening runs from 3rd-26th February at the Drama Theater Centre. Tickets are $50-$85. Get yours from Sistic now!




The surge of the dancing scene has been ostensibly felt the past few years, what not with endless dance concerts, performances and competitions. This time, we are really looking forward to another competition hailing from the land of the  rising sun, namely the annual Gatsby Dance Competition!

But for those of you who are new to dancing, you may want to know what exactly is this competition about.

Well, it’s a vibrant and prestigious event held across Asia that will put local young dancing talents into a more recognised platform. It is on its fourth year running now, so it’s  gaining popularity amongst its target market! Youths can enter as individuals or teams consisting not more than three members, and the winners will be representing Singapore at a regional platform in Tokyo, Japan and will be up against the representatives of the other 7 countries participating in this regional competition as well.

We are also pleased to invite two of Japan's renowned dancers: Fishboy and Charisma Kantaro as the guest judges for this year. Immensely talented and greatly versatile, they are also the hosts of the wildly popular Japanese show Dance @ TV.

The other two judges that will make up the panel are Chunky and Fredy Kosman. Chunky is one of the pioneering Locking dancers in Singapore. He emerged as the champion in several prestigious competitions. Fredy Kosman,  on the other hand, has began dancing since 2005, specializing in Street Jazz and Hip Hop, and has travelled to LA, NY, Australia and Taiwan to perfect his craft.

With such prestigious panel of judges, it is really no wonder that the Gatsby Dance Competition this year is drumming up such anticipation and excitement! Just check out their event page for yourself:


Here are further details:


Date: 18 Feb 2012

Time: 4-6pm

Venue: Far East Plaza Concourse

(Event is open to public and free of charge. Let me know if you are keen to come too!)


The prelims (closed event for public, only open to media friends) is held this Saturday, 4th Feb 2012 where 25 teams will battle it out for the eight spots reserved for Finalists.


Watch this space as we bring you more from O School Prelims this Saturday!


Is Orchard Road the best shopping avenue in the world?


Publicist PR weighs in on Channel 8

Purity In A Bottle

Some associate purity with the colour white, while others think of angels.

Zadig & Voltaire captures the essence of purity brilliantly. In a bottle.

The Tome 1 La Pureté -What used to be a unisex scent now comes in a scent ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’ respectively.

Fronted by model Poppy Delevigne and Chris Del Moro with their hair in the wind, the urban Eve and the wild surfer blend milky sweetness and woody, masculine notes in a rock-inspired composition that is 100% Zadig.

Concocted from an encounter between fashion designer Thierry Gillier, lab co-founders Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi  and won over by these olfactory geniuses – the Dadaist entrepreneur put the composition of the first ‘jus’ as well as his desire for new almond and milky notes in their hands. This partnership was done with Clarins Fragrance Group, taking this tantalising fragrance to scent heaven.

“An au naturel spiritual fragrance that captures the heart and soul,” says Gillier.

What I love about this beautiful fragrance is that it is uniquely encased in a hard-cover book. This is brilliantly tied up to the word 'Tome' which means 'Volume' in French. It is essentially the first volume of many more fragrances that Zadig & Voltaire will be coming up with. Sounds delightful, I can hardly wait! ;)




What do you get when you a British fashion label decides to look to Damien Hirst for inspiration? Dissection is it. Over at N. Tyler, a British label inspired by the work of Savile Row’s craftsmanship and bespoke quality, they have enlisted the help of architect Dennis Cheok of Upstairs to play out his architectural wonder. White marble flooring in herringbone detail reference the classic shirt prints while timber in a shade of delicious chocolate set the stage for a retail space that is wildly punctuated with British artist Damien Hirst’s ideas of dissection. Better known for his controversial works of a dissected cow, a dissected shark and a dissected calf across a long career in modern British art, Hirst’s work has inspired Cheok to create dissected tables and pedestals paired with truncated legs. Suspended from the ceiling with the assistance of stainless steel bars, the furniture appear to be in motion – they would almost float away at the slightest hint of wind.

This gorgeous shrine to menswear at Marina Bay Sands needs to be seen to be believed. Need we say more?