Pioneer Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in digital entertainment products. Founded in 1938, the company is dedicated to delivering customers with quality entertainment products and services over the years. Especially in the development of home, car and DJ entertainment systems, Pioneer is primarily noted as the manufacturer of high efficiency audio loudspeaker components and comprehensive speaker systems for the commercial sound reinforcement and recording studio markets.


Pioneer needed a fun and interactive approach to launch its range of home entertainment systems and accessories. This range consists of audio and video receivers, which offer top of the line audio playback. X-EM21V, X-CM51V-K, and X-HM20V-S are designed for creating special family entertainment events like movie nights, gaming tournaments, and more. SE- MJ711, SE-MJ502 and SE-MJ522 are headphones designed for an instantaneous user gratification.

Pioneer offer these high quality entertainment products, which are exceptionally operable with an innovative graphical user interface.


Publicist PR developed an intra-regional strategy, which requires the bloggers to engage in their products. Using social media, bloggers will feature Pioneer’s digital entertainment products as urban and sophisticated products with great value. They will incorporate Pioneer’s products into their everyday lives and do a shoutout on key social media platforms.

Pioneer gives away their home entertainment and accessories to the bloggers. Bloggers tap on their blogs, Twitter and Instagram to generate awareness and excitement about Pioneer. 

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