Fashion Styling Workshops with Keith Png

Just week, we had the honour of having Keith Png (keithpngtl), celebrity fashion designer and style conduct a workshop for modern women at One Raffles Place. With the festive seasons coming up (Christmas, New Years, Chinese New Year!) there is no better timing, and no better location than One Raffles Place, to have the fashion workshop. Keith did not just impart valuable fashion skills to his audience, he was an excellent entertainer, cracking his audience up with jokes.

Two workshops of different focus were conducted consecutively over two days, Thursday and Friday. Both workshops had included garments sold exclusively in One Raffles Place, most of which were gorgeous pieces in limited quantities. The audience had definitely needed to shop fast and shop smart the week after when the displayed pieces would be released.

On Thursday, Keith's workshop had focused on transforming from day-time office wear, to night time party galore. The audience definitely brought away the skill of adept use of textures, lengths and colours to magically transform an office lady to a party lady.

The very beautiful Felecia (@feleciasterlina) modelled the runway for us, leaving us enraptured. And on Friday, Keith conducted a workshop that addresses the woes of fashion styling with women's varying body shape.

Specifically, there are five common body shapes used for description - hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle and heart. Here are some tips the team took note of:

A woman with a pear shape needs to utilise statement pieces to draw attention to the upper body - be it the use of statement necklaces or earrings. Any use of bags should be strategically positioned at the upper body to continue drawing attention upwards. Keith also caused us to break out in uncontrollable laughters with his cheeky methods on the use of clutches, such as squeezing them under the arm to enhance our bust assets.

A woman with a heart shaped figure should do the converse: drawing the overall focus downwards. Women of this shape can use bangles to accentuate their waist, and should be mindful of not having too much prints on their top.

A woman with a rectangle figure definitely needs to rely on many details - such as lace, ruffles and organic shapes - to distinguish themselves from looking like a man from behind. Such a woman definitely will be able to have a lot of fun and freedom dressing up as Keith also shared that these women are the only ones able to pull off colourful belts!

A women with an apple shaped figure needs to master the art of distortion, using colourful prints to conceal and reveal. Dresses that flaunt the shoulders work best for these women, and the use of clutch bags can also hide an unflattering midsection area.

A woman with an hourglass shape has the easiest way out in life. Such a woman can dress up in almost anything and their luscious curves would do the rest!

We definitely cannot wait for the next round of workshops!