Meet our new PR Girl, Nicolette

Meet Nicolette, Our PR Extraordinaire. 

1. Who do you follow on Instagram? I mostly follow my friends and family, photographers, brands such as FashionTV, and some models or model agencies.

2. What do you like best about Instagram? I like how it's a great way for people to connect and also promote themselves or their businesses. Also, imagery being presented tastefully is always good for the eyes.

3. What is your dream client list? I’d like to work with a wide variety of industries ranging between fashion, animal welfare organisations (I have a great love for animals), beauty and F&B.  

4. What is your service motto? Always be honest and always do everything to the best of my ability.



5. What is on your bucket's list? A variety of things as travelling to places like New Zealand and Alaska, to owning a good home so that my parents can live comfortably with me.

6. What is on your playlist? I usually listen to genres such as R&B, Hip-hop, Alternative rock, Acoustic, Punk, and much more on Spotify. The type of music I listen to depends strongly on my mood.