THE CLIENT: RABEANCO was created in 2002 out of its founders’ passion for leather craftsmanship and their desire to make luxurious accessories widely accessible. It is a fashion accessories brand that takes pride in its leather expertise, design philosophy and personalised services. In 2004, RABEANCO opened its first store in Hong Kong and the brand thrives across boundaries with growing presence in Spain, China, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: PUBLICIST PR was appointed by RABEANCO in 2014 to oversee the launch of its Fall Winter 2014 Collection, Spring Summer 2015 Collection, Fall Winter 2015 Collection, Spring Summer 2016 Collection – HYBRID HOURS, and the RABEANCO x Johanna Ho Collection. The agency launched a media campaign focused on the press and influencers alike to introduce them to RABEANCO’s versatile, stylish, and distinctive collections.

RESULTS: RABEANCO’s collections successfully attained coverage among well-known influencers such as Liv Lo, Goh Yina, Jessica Tham, Fiona Fussi, Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, Hanli Hoefer, Shine KohEvonne Ng, Ryan Sylvia, Michelle Tan, Cordelia, Cheryl Kieron, Joanna Lim, Kimberley Yong, Tricia Ong, Jazliyana Lee, Elaine Jasmine, and Brenda Ng. The collections also made it to the pages of prime media platforms including but not limited to: The Straits Times, TODAY newspaper, Lianhe Zaobao, the Singapore Women’s Weekly, CLEO, ICON, Harper’s Bazaar magazines, and styleXstyle.