Singapore, 5th December 2017 – Stand aside greasy American fast food, Europe’s gastro burger scene is the new culinary heavyweight in town. And true to German precision, the art of creating the perfect gourmet burger comes second nature to HANS IM GLÜCK, Germany’s most celebrated gourmet burger grill chain.

Come 5th December 2017, HANS IM GLÜCK will open its flagship restaurant at 362 Orchard Road. This will be the first of three burger restaurants slated to open in Singapore and the 50th chain internationally. Its trendy and excellent location further boosts the sophisticated forest ambience interior that greets you as you enter the foyer. From floor to ceiling, the restaurant is interspaced with birch trees that give diners a casual yet refreshing dining experience, “into the woods”.

The star of the show of course is the quality of HANS IM GLÜCK ’s food. While bratwurst sausages and pork knuckles have been stereotypically defined as German cuisine in Singapore, HANS IM GLÜCK stands apart by offering gourmet burgers made from sustainable and high-quality produce aimed at the health-conscious diner. That being so, the flavour of each burger remains unwaveringly good. Take for example, the juiciness of each beef patty; the founders of the restaurant have painstakingly sourced for the best beef butchery in order to create the perfect fat to flavour ratio of beef used in each patty.

Diners have a choice between sourdough or multigrain buns or the “naked” burger (patties wrapped in lettuce and vegetables). The patties are made from 100 percent beef or chicken breast meat. The restaurant also offers a wide choice of meatless creations with a variety of tasty ingredients for vegetarians and vegans. There are at least seven vegetarian burger options, like the ABENDROT burger which features a unique olive patty with hard cheese, grilled vegetable tartare & rocket. Vegans have at least four burger options, which include the FABELHAFTER burger comprising of a wheat patty, avocado cream, orange and mustard sauce & herb salad. The burger options at HANS IM GLÜCK is set to captivate a wide audience with its variety.

HANS IM GLÜCK ’s secret recipe burger sauce is also a must try. The excellent ingredients and gourmet flavour combinations are the stars of the show, proving once again that less is more.

Not to be outdone, the restaurant’s very own cocktail creations have also drawn a steady following in Germany. The large 180-seater restaurant features two bars – one outdoor which overlooks greenery and one indoor, both which serves signature cocktails to customers who want to hop in for a night cap. As a venue, it’s equally successful for a weekday date night, a solo meal or an impromptu nightcap with delicious drinks. Diners often if not always order a cocktail to complement their burger experience. Compliment your burger experience with the LEICHTSINN (made from Baileys, Amaretto and strawberries) or the GOLDREGEN (made from vodka, elderflower, mango, pineapple, passionfruit and lemon) you will never settle for a typical soda drink again.

Co-Founder of HANS IM GLÜCK, Ms Gunilla Hirschberger who opened the first HANS IM GLÜCK in Munich in 2010. “My team and I are very excited to with our first HANS IM GLÜCK restaurant in Singapore and we love to share our HANS IM GLÜCK’s happiness philosophy with Singaporean diners,” enthuses Ms Gunilla.

“We wanted to collaborate with a design architect who could incorporate fresh natural light and lush interiors in a central location so diners can enjoy a hospitality experience in between birch trees and elegant furnishings. The dining experience we want to create is one which evokes community, nature and happiness. We were very excited to have found the space at Orchard Road, where diners can be next to greenery. Lighting is everything which is why we use lighted candles in all our restaurants to gives a sense of warmth while enjoying our menu paired with our specially curated wines and cocktails.”

The HANS IM GLÜCK Franchise GmbH is leading company of system gastronomy in Germany. Active since 2010, the franchise system is currently on a growth course with currently 48 burger grills. In addition to a diverse creative offering of burger and cocktail variations, the burger grills offer a moment of happiness with a unique feel-good atmosphere. HANS IM GLÜCK stands for fresh ingredients, the best quality and a very special gastronomic experience.

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