Singapore, November 2014 – Eight precious seats on the 10th level of OUE Tower is what makes Sushi Mieda a one-of-a-kind dining destination. The brainchild of world renowned one-Michelin star Japanese Kaiseki master Chef Nobumasa Mieda, Sushi Mieda is an electrifyingly modern take on Kaiseki, a haute dining experience.


Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese spread, reminiscent of the classic French haute cuisine. Treated more as an art form that a meal, Chef Mieda highlights individual flavors and showcases his exceptional skill and in his unique interpretation of Kaiseki. Ingredients are flown in daily from all over Japan, including the famous Tsukiji Market in Tokyo.


“It is rare to combine sushi and Kaiseki, however each cuisine bears great testament to Japan’s illustrious culinary heritage” shared Chef Mieda. His focus on retaining the honesty and authenticity in his food is a tribute to his Japanese heritage. This unique combination of Sushi and Kaiseki serves not only to put Sushi Mieda at the forefront of Japanese dining innovation but puts it in a class of its own entirely.


Chef Kenji Okumura and Chef Keisuke Ohno helm Sushi Mieda Singapore. Chef Okumura brings with him a certain finesse and elegance that comes with more that 15 years of experience in the best Japanese Kaiseki establishments all over Japan. Sushi, on the other hand, is Chef Ohno’s forte. Priding himself on only working with the freshest ingredients, his refined touch and palette help him to curate and execute top-notch dishes.


The Sushi and Kaiseki creations at Sushi Mieda are unparalleled and transcend all other dining establishments in its class. To get a comprehensive understanding of what Sushi Mieda has to offer, they present three menus for diners to choose from, Koufuku (6-course meal), Mutsukari (8-course meal) and Chef Omakase (8-course meal with premium selection).


Enjoy a front row seat to the artistic masterpiece that is Chef Mieda’s creation. The exclusive eight-seat restaurant promises an unforgettable experience. Watch as the chefs bring ingredients to life to create memories that will keep you coming back for more.


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