Meet Our PR Girl - Sarah Khan

1. Who do you follow on Instagram?

My feed is pretty diverse - sure, I follow your usual Instagram model accounts (@emrata), but I love following quirky illustrations account like @joojooloren. It's definitely worth a follow to spruce up your feed with a little wit!

2. What tools do you use to curate IG posts?

For my personal Instagram, I'm pretty basic - I just use the regular Instagram filters or the Faded app. For the clients I work with however, I appreciate a well-curated Instagram feed. I like using Canva and Later.

3. What do you like best about Instagram?

I like how it's a lifehack to sum up people in tiny grid squares. Also, I am fascinated by how it's managed to evolve to become a huge player in business and branding.

4. Which is your favourite PR campaign in 2016 so far?

A few! The 'Gay Turtle' campaign by Amnesty International definitely ranks as one of the most memorable ones from last year. 

5. What is your dream client list?

Probably an NGO like WWF!

6. What is your service motto?

I believe in really understanding the client's needs and collaborating closely with them to achieve their goals.

7. What is your way to reach busy media/pitch strategy?

A really good and fresh story angle!

8. What is your favourite marketing strategy?

Strategic partnerships with brands - and also experimenting with new media channels!

9. What is on your bucket's list?

Too many things - dive with sharks, travel through South America, to name a few!

10. What is on your playlist?

My favourite bands are U2, Sting, Kiss, Eagles, Thievery Corporation, so that's what's mostly on playlist. I am also a huge fan of The Weeknd - and of course, Beyonce!