Getting to know our PR Girl - Jade Ng

1. What is on your playlist?
A mixture of English, Chinese and Korean songs.

2. What is your favourite magazine / news media?
Times Magazine

3. What do you love about PR?
I love how PR is all about interacting with people, thinking out of the box and efficiency.

4. Which is your favourite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?
The Pikachu one at Changi Airport. It was cute and appealed extremely well to the public who were on the craze over Pokemon Go.

5. What is your dream client list?
It would definitely have to include a mixture of fashion and F&B brands as they are those I am most in touch with.

6. What is your service motto?
Never over promise.

7. Who do you follow on Instagram?
My friends and artistes that I have an interest in.

8. What is your way to reach busy media / pitch strategy?
Never give up and always look for alternative paths.

9. What is on your bucket's list?
Travelling to various countries.

10. What is your favourite marketing strategy?
Touch the heart of the audience.