More Photos of Bimba Y Lola Cocktail Event

Hope the week's going well for everyone! Here are more pictures of the cocktail event for Bimba Y Lola at Marina Bay Sands.

BeautyBiotics Intelligent Skincare Day

My experience organizing the BeautyBiotics Event

As part of my internship experience with Publicist PR, I was tasked to assist in the management of a press launch for BeautyBiotics. I learnt the finer points of event décor, curation of F&B as well as venue selection to create a tasteful memorable event for the press.

Event Venue


The theme of the event was BeautyBiotic’s Intelligent Skincare day, and we had chosen to have a color theme of white and beige, to reflect the dermatological image of BeautyBiotics products. So we wanted to source for a venue that would be refreshing and elegant, somewhere that would have a lot of beautiful sunlight since the event was to be held in the morning.

The event venue also needed to be spacious to accommodate our celebrity makeup artist Clarence Lee’s demonstration, as well as for a video crew to be roaming around.

After spending quite a lot of time looking at restaurants, hotels and café’s, we decided to hold the event at Ion Sky. Ion Sky turned out to be the perfect venue for the event since it had the color scheme, elegance and space that we were looking for.

Decoration and Furniture


However, one of the challenges I faced was having to fill up the space with furniture and event decoration that would best fit the theme, and which would still be within budget. After calling up various vendors, I was happy to have been able to find a suitable vendor for loaning furniture, the sound system, the decoration and the catering.

Through working with these vendors I was able to learn about the importance of negotiation. To know how to make quick optimal decisions when options where given, and to push for a win-win outcome.

Client Servicing

Throughout the event organization, one of the most essential skills I picked up was that of client servicing. Clear communication between the agency and the client on all levels and on all decisions made, was crucial for the event to be successful, because the event was going to represent them after all. After some initial coordination issues, the agency and our client with BeautyBiotics was fortunately able to design a method of updates and communication that was most efficient for all of us.

Bimba Y Lola - A Cocktail Event @ The Shoppes at Marina Bay

It was a pleasant evening working with Bimba Y Lola to organise a nifty cocktail event at The Shoppes at Marina Bay and launch its Spring/Summer Collection 14. Paying a tribute to Spanish artist, Mairo Hamayo, the latest collection was inspired by the marine life. Showcasing the ocean-themed jewelry and its line of fresh new geometric patterns and bright colours, the event also saw Chiti Garcia (Marketing Director of Bimba Y Lola) sharing with a captive audience about the fashion inspiration behind Bimba Y Lola S/S 14 collection. Check out the images from the event and LIKE us on for more updates. 


Singapore – March 5th 2014 – Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, inc (TADL) launched its Evolution Series TAD-D1000 disc player and TAD-DA1000 D/A converter as well as a new model to its luxury speaker line up, marking the highly anticipated completion of TAD’s Evolution series systems.Both TAD-D1000 Disc Player and TAD-DA1000 D/A Converter support the latest digital audio technologies and faithfully reproduce sound sources to the absolute limits. According to Mr Han, speaker of the TAD showcase, the range of 384 kHz (closest to the master tape of an audio record at a studio) which available online - originating mostly from music stores based in Europe like HDtracks, Channel Classics and 2L could be played with extreme accuracy. In comparison to master files, typical records like CDs are usually eight times lower than the original – about 44 kHz. Regardless, the sounds produced resonated quality assurance.  Check them out here!Signals of this highly evolved DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) could be further stepped up using a Preamplifier. Along with the inclusion of a Pioneer pickup boasting high reliability and reading precision, the use of a brushless spindle motor results in quiet operation and long life. For those who wish to enjoy music from their high-resolution sound sources saved to PC, this set offers a new way to enjoy high-end audio. What is a sound file without a great loudspeaker par excellence. Developed and designed entirely in-house by Director of Engineering Andrew Jones, the TAD-E1 mechanically and acoustically isolates the filter to ensure maximum resolution. As the first-ever loudspeaker in this category, the TAD-E1 is the next step in TAD’s high-performance “function meets form” Evolution series, consisting of the C2000 Preamplifier and the M2500 and M4300 Power Amplifiers. I personally experienced various musical genres at their best, most real as if I was teleported to an orchestra or a rock gig party. Music had never been so alive.The TAD-D1000 disc player, TAD-DA1000 D/A converter and TAD-E1 speaker will be available in Singapore starting in February 2014 at Reference Audio (The Adelphi, Level 4) at a suggested retail price of SGD $25,000; $19,000 and $42,000 (pair) respectively.  

"Nails For A Cause" Celebrating International Women's Day

Let’s Nail it Girls! Get a pretty express manicure and make a difference to someone’s life. Help us achieve the highest number of manicures in a single day. All registration proceeds goes to Singapore Cancer Society, a beneficiary of Cervical Cancer.

For registration details, please see The Straits Times Urban on 14, 21, 28 Feb and 7 Mar and make payment at


It was a joy working with Bulgaria's Thracian Wine to organise their wine presentation. It showcased wine from the Thracian Lowlands. It had a long history associated with the using wine as a celebration to be one with the gods. It was interesting to learn that Thrace was the homeland of Spartcus - the famous solider in the roman army which was made into a blockbuster. It was an exhilarating experience organising the event programme and reaching out to the wine connoseiurs and importers, distributors as well as the food media. 

Here are some photos showcasing the fun we've had


The BeautyBiotics Intelligent Skincare Day



The BeautyBiotics Intelligent Skincare Day was set in the refreshing ION SKY venue with close to 40 media personnel gracing the event. The highlight of the event would be having celebrity makeup artist and BeautyBiotics Ambassador, Clarence Lee, give a demonstration on how one can recreate a red-carpet worthy, naturally fresh complexion with BeautyBiotics' makeup range. The BeautyBiotics Intelligent Skincare Day ended off with our guests enjoying the food, the wines, the view and the photo opportunities with Clarence Lee.    

My First Week of PR

I am finally at the end of my very first ­week of work as the new intern. I don't think I’ve ever truly grasped the concept of ‘TGIF’ until I was thrown into the whirlwind that is PR. I’m truly exhausted, having made the dramatic switch from a full month of lazing around with my friends to the hectic world of press releases, events and media monitoring. Last week, a deck, to me, still just meant a stack of cards...

But alongside this mental and physical exhaustion is this profound sense of fulfillment. In one week, I’ve learnt so much. Though I joined during the final week of preparation, I found myself to be heavily involved in Benzac’s relaunch - an experience that I wasn’t exactly ready for but certainly something I’m grateful to be a part of. It’s been a hectic week and while it could have gone smoother, this has definitely been a major learning experience for me.

Three things I have learnt during this eventful week (pun intended haha):

1. Always double check

After this week, I don’t think I will ever forget this essential practice. It took a crucial mistake for me to really internalize this message. I’m tempted to withhold what exactly that mistake was because it will naturally raise several questions about my intelligence (or rather, lack thereof); but for the sake of emphasis, I’ll come clean.

I was tasked with printing 45 copies of a crossword puzzle. Simple and brainless enough, right? Apparently not. I ended up printing 45 copies of it with the answers. The worst part? I didn’t even realize I made that mistake till the event was right about to start, sparking off an intense panic attack…

Which brings me to point number two.

2. Always remain calm

Yes, things don’t go as planned. Yes, it may not look like what you had envisioned. But to freak out is equivalent to making everything a whole lot worse.  Put aside your disappointment and annoyance and SMILE. Keep your head clear, keep moving forward. It’s the best thing you can do for the sake of the event you’ve been working so hard on. I really hope I’ve learnt my lesson and learn to keep my cool. We’ll see how I do at the next event...fingers crossed!

3. And finally, coffee.

You’ll need it.

Despite these bumps, I’m reasonably pleased with what I’ve achieved and I’m excited to see what else I learn in the coming weeks. Till next time :)

xx Mira

Stop The Pops - Benzac gets seriously zitilicious

On the 9th of January, we hosted Benzac's press event at Nine Thirty Restaurant, where its new daily skincare range was unveiled. An informative yet fun-filled afternoon, attendees enjoyed a delicious meal while listening intently to what Dr Hazel Oon, Head of the Acne Clinic at the National Skincare Centre, had to say about how we can stop the pops. Guests also had fun posing in the photobooth and playing our Zit Zapper Dartboard Game.

The Benzac Cleansers come in foam and liquid formats and gently cleanse the skin while the Benzac AC Gel kills bacteria within 48 hours. The Benzac Facial Scrub, on the other hand, exfoliates, deeply cleanses and reduces oiliness without damaging the skin.

Take a look at some of the images from the event below and don't forget to 'like' us on Facebook for more updates!

Benzac's range of daily cleansers and treatment gels are available at selected pharmacies like Guardian, Unity and Watsons.


July 18th saw us hosting the Twinkle Wrinkle Press Event at the quaint L'Etoile cafe, where NeoAsia officially launched NeoStrata's SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift Duo. The latest addition to the NeoStrata SKIN Active Range, Line Lift duo works like a topical filler to give skin a boost by building up its natural volume and reducing the appearance of lines. Comprising of a two-step treatment with patented powerhouse ingredients AminofilTM, NeoGlucosamine, and NeoCitriateTM, the SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift duo was created to specifically target deep wrinkles and lines that do not respond to an anti-aging skincare routine alone.

The event also saw Dr. Lynn Teo ( of The Dermatology Practice) sharing with a captive audience on lines (wrinkles) prevention, and actress/ HBO host Linda Black conducting a fun facial expressions clinic. Check out the images from the event below and LIKE us on for more updates.