Press Launch of Caldwell House in conjunction with the Launch of Ethereal by Watabe Wedding and Jessicacindy

Preserved as a national monument in 1990 for the future generations, Caldwell House being the second oldest building in Singapore was re-opened on 8 November 2016. We’re privileged to organize the Press Launch.

It was a pleasure to be among the first to experience the rejuvenated heritage site, restyled as an event venue and bridal boutique as well as discover the debut collection of bridal and evening couture creations by Ethereal by Watabe & Jessicacindy.

The gallery at level 2 is renamed The Alcove, managed by Watabe Wedding Singapore. The Alcove provides an intimate wedding and aims to create memorable experiences for couples. It sits around 30-100 people, which is a smaller version of CHIJMES Hall. The cozy function area would also be the perfect venue for baby shower and birthday parties.

The grand opening of Caldwell House was filled with tons of media and guests and it was a successful press launch!

(Welcome speech by Mr Khoo Teng Chye), reminiscing about his schools days with his wife, as well as how they met and got married at CHIJMES.

Launch of Ethereal by Watabe & Jessicacindy


We were very honoured to be involved in the Grand Reception Party at ISETAN LOT 10, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of the CITIZEN TIME IS LIGHT Pop-Art Installation booth display.

(CITIZEN TIME IS LIGHT Pop-Art Installation Booth)

ISETAN The Japan Store had its reopening on the 26th October 2016, Wednesday and we are very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this event. Our PR strategy for the Citizen's Time Is Light Pop Up Art Installation was to tap heavily on Citizen's illustrious brand history with the celebration of light. 

The key objective for Citizen was to launch the Time Is Light Pop-up Art installation with celebrated architect Tsuyoshi Tane, who was incidentally also responsible for the interior decor for Isetan, The Japan Store. We created a “wow” factor and focused on wowing celebrity attendees who fit into Citizen's Better Starts Now brand philosophy. 

The event was filled with over a hundred media and guests and it was a great reception party. CITIZEN was proud to be one of the installation booths at the party. The TIME IS LIGHT installation by CITIZEN had a beautiful display of audio visual elements accompanied with music and their special collection of watches.



The booth was beautifully designed by Tsuyoshi Tane and the architect himself was present to watch his creations come to life. 

(Architect Tsuyoshi Tane and guests)

(Architect Tsuyoshi Tane exploring the CITIZEN watch collection)

We were also very honoured to have met Malaysian celebrities and influencers such as Amber Chia, Izzue Islam, Jxhia Wong, Jessica Chaw and Preston Lee, who had personally come down to visit the CITIZEN booth and receive a token of appreciation from the brand.

(Amber Chia striking a pose with elegance accompanied by CITIZEN's L Ambiluna Steel Watch)

(Izzue Islam rocking his brand new CITIZEN watch)

(Jxhia Wong and Jessica Chaw showcasing their new gifts from CITIZEN)

(Preston Leen complementing his dashing outfit with his brand new CITIZEN watch)

The event was a fantastic experience and we were glad to be a part of it. 

(CITIZEN Installation Booth Guests)

For more pictures of the event do search #citizensoutheastasia on Instagram. And if you were there with us, do tag all your pictures taken with #citizensoutheastasia. Follow CITIZEN on instagram @citizensoutheastasia for more updates and style inspirations.


Unleash your inner master chef at One Raffles Place!

2 weeks’ back, Ilyas and I had the opportunity to attend a culinary workshop at Culinary On, One Raffles Place. It was part of One Raffles Place’s Culinary Adventures campaign where 25 pairs of lucky shoppers had the chance to participate in a culinary workshop.

Upon our arrival at the cooking studio, we bumped into Camilia (and his brother Nathaniel), Writer from Youth.SG, who was one of our media guests. We managed to snap a few photos along the well-decorated corridor leading to the entrance of the studio where we’ll be cooking in.

Minutes later our 2nd media guest, Director of PPURPOSE PTE LTD, Contributing Editor of Buro 24/7 Singapore and Curator/ Host of The Lush Life of Lush 99.5FM, Tracy Phillips, arrived. Well, hello there!

Fast forward to 7pm, we were all given aprons and separated into 2 groups – Maroon & Orange.

Maroon was assigned to Chef Daniel while Orange, to Chef Carmen. Both of the chefs were great and Daniel was exceptionally hilarious!

Menu for the night: Shrimp pasta & Fruit Salad.

We cooked pasta from scratch and we had to circle around our table 8 times to get the desired thinness!

Afterward, we proceeded to prepare dessert; Fruit Salad with Mango Ice Cream. However, we only prepared the ice cream as the fruits were all beautifully diced by the crew beforehand.

The workshop lasted approximately 2 hours. It was interactive and we even scored a legit culinary certificate! Yes, it can be used for our CV!!! Congratulations to all who participated. Also, many thanks to Camilia, Nathaniel, Nick & Tracy for being there as well, we hope to see you on our future events!

Be a Style Guru at Kate Spade's Styling Session!

We were delighted to be invited by Kate Spade New York at Raffles City for their special styling session! We had such a great time browsing through their in-store collection as well as a few new unique handbags/clutch that were on display!

The Small Maise Swan Shoulder Handbag as well as the Perfume Clutch were the attraction of the night, as guests were asked to vote on which of the 2 bags were the favourite of celebrity host, Yvette King. The lucky winner who got picked by Yvette herself, walked away with a pair of dazzling Kate Spade sunnies! The very talented fashion illustrator, Grace Ciao, was present to do portraits of the guests at the event. We were lucky to walk away with one of her creations. 


Yvette King shared some of her personal styling tips with the guests there and as usual, she was stunning. Her style tips were helpful and she even managed to show us how the Kate Spade New York collection was both stylish and versatile. 


We had such a good time at the Kate Spade New York Styling Session and we hope to support them for all their future events! 

Getting to Know Our PR Girl - Carolyn Liao

1. Why did you decide to take up the challenge of joining a boutique PR agency?

I love the challenge of working in a boutique firm as it provides me with an opportunity to meet people – from media to client and vendors. Just as we are always evolving and growing, so are the people we meet and these connections prove to be invaluable over the years and develop our “it’s who you know” network. And the virtual connections are endless. It brings a whole new meaning to “it’s a small world after all.”

2. What do you hope to learn?

I hope to be able to create memorable campaigns and help customer’s objectives to be seen and heard, share their talents, products and/or services. We, PR specialists impact the news cycle through our creativity and media knowledge. The challenge is to generate positive publicity for our clients and enhance their reputations.

3. What is your favourite media / social media outlet?

Facebook, social media, fashion blogs and New York Times, Vogue, Business of Fashion, Telegraph,

4. How do you choose pitch angles for a story?

"Is it new?", " Is it unusual?", " Is there a human interest angle?".

5. What are you in charge of?

I plan, organise and coordinate media drops, media loans, press conference and events and most importantly meeting creative people!


“Art of Faith” - Andrea Cingoli, Red Dot: Design Concept 2016 Winner

Last Friday, 23rd September, our boutique PR agency had organized Andrea Cingoli's press presentation alongside the Italian Association of Singapore (IAS). This year the Red Dot: Design Concept 2016 Award has been awarded to Andrea Cingoli, designer and founder of CONCEPTICON.

Editors from Cromly, Home & Décor, DCRS and TechTrade Asia were invited for the press presentation. Not forgetting directors and designers from Designscale, Design Tray Interior, Inspiration Design International School, IM Space, Next Phase Gallery, Sevenvine, Benel, Dreamweave Concepts, Sunyu Products & Services and more.

“Singapore does not appreciate artistic talents”, you may have heard this statement a thousand times or it could have been said by yours truly. I beg to differ, however, as Singapore does have a platform where designers from all over the world are able to showcase their designs. It is through the Red Dot Award.

Andrea presented and shared a few of his pieces including his winning designs: QWERTY Sofa and BALAMP.



The presentation lasted for approximately 30 minutes; we then proceeded to the press presentation with a general Q&A session.

Of course, a general Q&A session will never be enough to get into the creative and innovative mind of Andrea and thus 4 editors were invited to conduct a one-on-one interview with Andrea.

The entire interview lasted for almost an hour, but before Andrea left we managed to steal him away for some photos!

A very humourous and humble man indeed, we wish him nothing but the best for his career and may Andrea be blessed with abundance of happiness and recognition for all the hard work that he had put in into his pieces, bringing him to where he is today.

Getting to Know Our PR Team - Ilyasaa Syahmi

1. Congratulations on the new role! Can you tell us more about your background in communications and your role at Publicist PR?

I have cut my teeth in events marketing, sponsorship and sales. My key assets are creativity and resourcefulness as well as my desire to contribute to the team.

2. What kinds of client segment do you cover and most keen on?

I am focusing on tech, food, music, travel and hospitality.

3. What do you love best about PR & Events business?

I like to meet people from all walks of life and experiencing different cultures.  Other than travelling, the one easy way to do so is to go to events. 

4. Who would be on your dream client list?

Samsung, P&G, Charles & Keith and Razer. They are just the top few out of the long list I have as my dream client.

5. What makes a good phone pitch / pitch strategy? What is your way to reach busy media?

What makes a good pitch is something that captures the audience's attention and interest, especially so during the first 30 seconds of your conversation. In any case that that fails you, you need to have some prepared responses to any objections you have predicted beforehand and be quick-witted about it when you get a query you never expected. My own way to reach busy media when all conservative methods fail? I would try calling in during the lunch hour as most busy people tend to have their lunch in the office.

6. What do you believe are some upcoming trends and challenges to keep an eye on?

Looking at the tech world and how fast it evolves is always fascinating me.

7. Where do you get your news from?

I get my news from various sources online. Most of the time that would be from CNA, AJ, RT, Marketing Interactive, IGN, Tech in Asia and anything else found on my social media news feed.

8. What is your bucket list?

I would love to tour the globe with any of my favourite bands or go on a road-trip exploring the whole of Southeast Asia.

9. What is on your playlist?

EDM, pop, and rock music.

10. What is your favourite magazine / news media?

Juice, SG, TimeOut 

11. What do you love about PR?

I like creating great memorable events and pitching in new story angles and handling clients.

12. Which is your favourite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?

In my own opinion, that would be Star Wars at Changi Airport as that was the one and only campaign in 2016 I can best remember. If a campaign that is still vividly clear in your mind is not the best campaign, then what is?

13. What is your service motto? 

Think creative. Be different.

14. Who do you follow on Instagram?

A few of my favourite bands, National Geographic, Discovery and of course the people I love.

15. What is your favourite marketing strategy?

Guerilla marketing.


Getting to know our PR girls - Lorraine

1. What is on your playlist?
MS MR - All The Things Lost, Highspeeds - Elliot Moss, The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues

2. What is your favourite magazine / news media?
Alternative Press, The Rolling Stones, JUICE

3. What do you love about PR?
It keeps you wired to trends and information

4. Who do you follow on Instagram?
Musicians, artists & tattoo artists

5. What is on your bucket's list?
To visit the Atacama Desert in Chile & experience the Aurora Australis

Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Petrina

1. What is on your playlist? 

Alone - Petit Biscuit

2. What is your favourite magazine / news media?

Vogue, Travel & Leisure, Consumer Reports, World News (

3. What do you love about PR?

It allows me to tap on my creativity and an opportunity to think out of the box. Highly rewarding to be able to mould, shape and influence the direction of story telling on behalf of the client in order to make the most impact out of their brand.

4. Which is your favourite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?

Under Armour - 'I Will What I Want’. It is empowering and speaks to women who do not wait for permission, advise or affirmation from others to pursue what the want. 

5. What is your dream client list?

Under Armour, Heineken, Coca Cola, 

6. What is your service motto?

Aim not just for good but legendary. 

7. Who do you follow on Instagram?

Mainly travel and culinary bloggers and internationally renowned chefs.

8. What is your way to reach busy media / pitch strategy?

Research, know your target well and think through the idea through the reporter’s eyes. Keep it short, succinct and punchy.

9. What is on your bucket's list?

Live the life of a traveling nomad. 

10. What is your favourite marketing strategy? 

Coca Cola “Happiness Truck”. Selling an emotion that won’t get lost in translation. 


Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Azieana

1. Why did you decide to take up the challenge of joining a boutique PR agency?

I know I will learn and obtain many different skills such as pitching, research, communication, time-management and more. I am also keen on having a different experience as I previously worked in industries such as Customer Service, Administration and Tourism.

2. What do you hope to learn?

How to approach companies and influencers professionally to ensure that my pitch stands out among other PR agencies.

3. What is your favourite media/social media outlet?

YouTube & Instagram.

4. How do you choose pitch angles for a story?

By doing lots of research. This is to ensure that my story is current, real and trending. I want to make it as interesting and exciting as possible to attract readers.

5. What are you in charge of?

Media clippings, monitoring, social media posts and media listings.